Input sought on lands bill

San Juan County is completing a process to develop a comprehensive land use bill for the county, and is seeking input from the public.
Senator Bob Bennett plans to introduce the bill in Congress later this year. The lands bill will directly or indirectly address issues such as wilderness, roads, grazing, mining, oil and gas exploration, motorized and non-motorized recreation and protection of cultural resources.
The proposed bill will follow the model of the Washington County Lands Bill, which succeeded in addressing land use issues, including wilderness designation, in Washington County in the St George area.
The San Juan County Commission invites county residents, who desire to provide input into these discussions, to contact the Commission and arrange a meeting. The Commission is especially interested in ideas relating to specific areas and activities that are important to area residents.
To arrange a meeting, please contact Commissioner Bruce Adams at 435-459-1351, Commissioner Ken Maryboy at 435-459-1618, or Commissioner Lynn Stevens at 435-459-1803.
In addition, you may contact David Bronson at 435-587-3234, Nick Sandberg at 435-587-2921, or John Fellmeth at 435-587-3223 x4130.
San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams said, “We believe the approach Washington County took in addressing public lands issues in their county produced a much better resolution than what may have resulted had they left these issues to be addressed by future congressional or administrative actions. Therefore, we have asked Senator Bennett to work with us to use the same approach in San Juan County.”
Any interested party may participate at this time.

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