Input sought on San Juan County lands bill

At the request of San Juan County, Utah Senator Robert Bennett is initiating a process to develop a comprehensive land use bill for the county, and is seeking input from the public.

“The passage of my Washington County Lands Bill last year broke the decades-long stalemate and forever changed the way we approach public land management in Utah,” said Senator Bennett, a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

“The San Juan County Commission closely monitored the lands bill experience in Washington County and is hopeful that success can be replicated in their county. The input I receive from the public serves as the foundation for any land use legislation. I encourage all interested parties to participate in the process and provide me with information and comments that will help in developing legislation.”

San Juan County Commissioner Bruce Adams said, “We believe the approach Washington County took in addressing public lands issues in their county produced a much better resolution than what may have resulted had they left these issues to be addressed by future congressional or administrative actions. Therefore, we have asked Senator Bennett to work with us to use the same approach in San Juan County.”

Any interested party may participate by providing a written, prioritized list of public land designations it wishes to address: including wilderness, national conservation areas, or other considerations. Additionally, any other legislative proposals or priorities one hopes to see in the prospective legislation must be provided in writing.

All materials must be turned into Bennett’s office on or before March 26, 2010. Bennett added that because there is a multitude of interests in this county, it is unreasonable to expect that any one particular interest will see the totality of its desires met in the outcome of the process.

“This information is essential because it will form the basis of the ensuing dialogue around which a legislative proposal will emerge,” said Bennett.

Future conversations pertaining to a San Juan County lands bill will focus on submitted priorities so those parties that do not submit material will not be asked to participate in the process.

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