Kellen Nielson

I grew up in Blanding and graduated from San Juan High school. I attended USU in Logan. In 2011 I moved back to Blanding with my wife, Lydia, and have been helping run San Juan Pharmacy. I also teach a course at USU-Eastern Blanding campus. Lydia and I have five children and love living in Blanding and being part of the community. It is a great place to live and raise a family.

Civic engagement and service is one of the most important things we can do as citizens. This was first instilled in me through my conversations with Bill Redd. Because of his influence and others, I began to engage in my community. I began attending caucus meetings and was chosen as a state delegate.

I was appointed to the Cal Black Scholarship committee. Shortly afterwards I was appointed to the Blanding planning and zoning commission.

I was also recently put on the San Juan Historical Commission. For the past several months I have been privileged to serve the community of Blanding as a council member. I have learned much in my short time on the council, and I am hoping to finish out the term to which I was appointed.

I love our little community and the people here. Our town has been well taken care of by its previous leaders. They have shown great foresight in being fiscally responsible. They have shown great prescience in water management and taking care of the basic needs of the community.

Blanding is at a pivotal juncture. We have had an increase in visitors to our community due to the creation of the Bears Ears monument and the subsequent dissemination of all that this community and area has to offer. I believe we will continue to see more tourists come our way and Blanding is going to change.

I think that it is important that we control the narrative of the direction of our community. We need to have the foresight to retain the character of our community while promoting the growth that is inevitable in our community. I am grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to serve on the city council and the experience it has provided. I hope to continue to be a part of it. Thank you.

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