Kevin Dunn

Monticello. Community. What does that bring to mind for you?

For me, and for my family, it means Home. My wife and I live in the Redd family home which my grandfather originally built in 1952. Growing up in a military family with frequent moves kept me away from Home for many years. It is wonderful to be at home in Monticello and to be a part of this close-knit community.

It is inspiring to witness the many volunteers, civic leaders, business owners, and city and county employees who strive for the betterment of this community. Thank you! My own experience in public service, teaching at the high school level, and my education have allowed me to observe and participate in public service as well. Many changes are occurring in our country and community. We need to be prepared.

I am running for city council because it is essential that we continue moving this city in a positive direction. There is a need for renewed focus on infrastructure. Public health – water and sewage upgrades as well as roads, education, support of small business and community cohesion are paramount. These goals could be approached through committees and increased community involvement; I feel this would bring many voices and perspectives into critical decisions for the present and future. There is a unique opportunity for civil discourse which is recently lacking in the politics of this great nation.

Our community should embody the founding fathers’ assertion which is found on American coins:

E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one.

Kevin Dunn

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