Dropping in with updates from La Sal

There is so much happening in our community right now that I thought I would uncap the ink bottle and sharpen the nib of my quill.   Some, but not all of the activities are related to the holiday season.
First, there is always something afoot at Es’ La Sal Store.  Right now it is that Mr. E. (Everett) is not on premises.  He has hied himself to Colorado where they are opening a second store in Naturita.  We wish him luck. 
If it is as successful as the store in La Sal, the Colorado folks will be pleased.  Don’t forget to check out the store. 
If they don’t have what you need or want, just drop a hint and I can almost guarantee you’ll find it next time.  Or you might even find a unique Christmas present or two.
Saturday December 2 was the annual Christmas Craft Fair at the Community Center.  There were a few less vendors this year it seems, but reports were that there was a steady stream of consumers throughout the day.
You could find decorations, jewelry, and even practical items.  But, there were no Navajo Tacos!  Those folks moved from the village.  Bummer.  Not as many baked goods this time.
Now I haven’t checked this out for myself yet, but I intend to dust off my reporter credentials and sleuth cap and investigate soon. 
Denise and Jeff Klassen, newer comers to East La Sal, aka Pine Ridge are said to have an awesome Christmas light display. 
Follow the signs with directions to their abode and view the seasonal lights.  Start by turning on the Sawmill Road. 
I’ve been told that you should not hesitate to knock on their door and join them for a cup of hot cocoa.
On the civic side of things, Kelly Green is trying to put together a group to help determine the future of our little La Sal Cemetery.  It will eventually need to be expanded among other concerns. 
I’ve always thought it would be nice if there were grass there.  Right now it is sagebrush and cheat grass, rabbit and prairie dog habitat.
Of course, by the time I’m a resident there, I shall not care what is atop.  Keep your eyes and ears open for more info on this subject.
As every time this year, the Sub for Santa jars are out at The Store.  You can make generous donations as well as submit names of those who may need a little more support than what Santa might be able to supply. 
Every good girl and boy in our town needs a great Christmas.  Remember, I always say we only have good girls and boys here.  No need for coal.
Speaking of fuel for heating, there are still random acts of kindness happening as folks cut firewood for those in need and unable to procure their own.  We still have lots of homes whose only source for warmth comes from a wood stove. 
Let the folks at The Store know or just put a post on La Sal Barter and Trade if you know of someone in need.
Heads up on the social scene:  The All ladies of La Sal annual Christmas party is scheduled for December 15.  Last I heard, there was some discussion of making it a luncheon affair rather than a nighttime event.  That too will for sure be posted on La Sal Barter and Trade.
Last but not least, the annual community holiday potluck will be post-Christmas on December 29.  The venue for now is the LDS Church.  It will be advertised prior to the weeks leading up to that evening.  We should be sufficiently recovered from Christmas and still have a couple of days to gear up for New Year’s celebrations.

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