Happy Fall Y’all – ‘Tis The Season

Unfortunately, besides the changing of the season, the start of the holiday season with all their festivities, it’s cold, flu and new to the gang, COVID season. 
Mr. C has been making the rounds of our community as I’m sure it is everywhere.  Fortunately, most folks are having just a few days of sickness and not near-death experiences. 
Well, this writer is among the sufferers, which accounts for the lack of firsthand reporting on the events here.
October 27 was a “Meet and Greet” event at the Community Center, where folks get acquainted with neighbors and make new friends with those in the community. 
It was also a place where information was available for resources in the village.  Our little Library in a Closet Librarian Marsha was on hand to educate folks on some of the features offered locally. 
It’s more than just checking out a book.  Swing on by and check out what is available.  Well, not checkout, but you know what I mean.
The coordinator for the night, Ms. Kristl Johnson, reports a fair crowd, though not as many participants as was hoped. That sounds typical for most gatherings here.
Saturday night was the annual Halloween festivities for the kiddos.  I’d like to give you a first-hand account but didn’t attend as I had nothing to wear! 
Okay, it’s because I would only want to give out fun treats on this Trick or Treat night.  Giving someone COVID would definitely be a horrible trick.
“Elko, Heber City, La Sal”.  We are becoming a Cowboy Poetry Gathering scene of late.  Mark calendars for November 10. 
Friend to La Sal Darrell Holden will recite more of his original musings.  He was here earlier this year and performed to a better-than-usual La Sal crowd.  
There is no admission charge, but donations are appreciated.  Darrell will attend the prestigious Elko Cowboy Poetry Gathering in January and February. 
For those not in the know, this is quite an honor.  It’s not just something for which you request to participate, but is by invitation only.  Donations would help defray his expenses and be much appreciated.  He puts us on the map – sort of.
Well, I’ve been considering capping the ink well and laying aside my quill pen.  I’ve been writing this column for 25 years.  In that time I’ve grown old – can you say elderly, boys and girls. 
And more than that, in the last dozen years my health has deteriorated to the point of near invalidism.  As noted above, it’s hard to get out and about to the various functions for first-hand reporting. 
Old people like to stay up late in the night (at least 9 p.m.) in front of the TV nodding off until bedtime.  Besides most of the information is on La Sal’s Facebook page, La Sal Barter and Trade as well as the La Sal Elementary School homepage. 
Perhaps news columns are becoming a thing of the past, replaced by social media.    I wouldn’t want to say that is oftentimes my source for news to report, so I won’t say it. 
Of course I can still drop by now and then if there is something ‘newsworthy” to report.
Stay tuned for the latest news from Sierra La Sal – or maybe not.

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