Three La Sal youth graduate from MHS

 It is an interesting year to say the least for seniors graduating from high school or other educational institutions.

Besides only being able to enjoy a “virtual” graduation, some missed out on other extra spring activities.  

In lieu of graduation, my offering for them this year is a biographical sketch of these three outstanding young people.

Macy Badger moved to La Sal with her family two years ago. She completed her junior and senior years at Monticello High School. Our small high school was a good fit for her.

One advantage of a small educational facility is the opportunity to participate in many different extracurricular activities if one chooses rather than just one or two as in a bigger school.

Besides making many good friends during her two years at MHS, Macy was involved in cross country, drama, track, band, and choir.  

She is an accomplished pianist, although in band she was involved in percussion, playing mallets, xylophone, vibraphone, and other “phones” that were unfamiliar to me.

Upcoming plans for Macy include a summer job in Battle Ground, WA with her grandfather who is a farrier.

It’s hard to imagine this feminine young lady slapping shoes on a big four-legged critter.

It will be interesting to see updates of her summer adventures on Facebook. I’m really not surprised as I think she can do anything on which she sets her mind.

Longer-range goals include attending Snow College this fall, majoring in music, concentrating on vocals and piano.

She will be involved in several different ensembles I’m sure will keep her busy.

She has the good fortune of rooming with a friend from high school. She also has a desire to serve a mission for her church in the near future. She’ll do well at whatever she pursues.

Gauge Johnson is a fourth generation La Salian. His great-grandparents came to La Sal nearly 70 years ago, settling at Rattlesnake Ranch west of La Sal. His mother and grandfather were also raised in La Sal.

To his credit, Gauge finished his high school requirements a few months ago. Since then he has been working at various jobs.

He has the reputation as a competent young man and folks seek him out when they need a good helping hand.

Gauge played football at MHS, wrestled, and participated in track and field.  Art and journalism were two of his favorite classes.  

One of his favorite high school experiences was participating in Upward Bound. This he did for a couple years and learned much from the experience.

When I asked what his future goals might be, he responded, “to survive.”

I think that expresses the desires of many of us.  Like us, he just hopes the current situation begins to right itself soon.

Currently, Gauge is employed at Standard Plumbing in Moab (If you were wondering what was going into the old Shopco building, this is it).

He will work there for the foreseeable future until he decides what he wants to do long term.

Some of his interests include pursuing a technical trade in mechanics or as an electrician and perhaps a mission for his church.

This hardworking young man will succeed in whatever he chooses to do in the future.

Tyler Beshoner is not an old-timer in La Sal, but he is a long-timer.

He and his family moved to La Sal when he was in kindergarten, so he has spent all of his educational years so far in the San Juan School District.

During his time at MHS, Tyler participated in football and baseball. 

He was also part of the Rowdy Boys wrestling program a few years ago.  

Some of the highlights of his high school career include coaches who were fun, good friends and the fact that everyone was willing to help him succeed.

He too completed his high school requirements a few months ago.

If you recall, Tyler completed his Eagle Scout project a couple months ago. As you drive into La Sal from the west, you’ll see his “Welcome to La Sal” sign.  

He was also privileged to attend the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree in 2013.

He and his family worked hard to earn the money so he could have that experience.

For the summer, Tyler is working for Steven Redd on his ranch and at his lodge. This fall he will attend school in Blanding at USU Eastern in the heavy equipment program. 

Other interests include welding and mechanics. Several folks in La Sal have commissioned welding projects from Tyler, usually involving horseshoe art.  

He would eventually like to own his own business as a heavy equipment operator.  
He would also like to pursue an electrician’s license.  

He wants to be able to take his family and friends on vacations, I guess in part to pay them back for all the help and support he has received during his growing-up years.

I am glad to be counted as one of his friends. He is another young man with a good work ethic, and that should take him far in his future.

Congratulations to our three outstanding young seniors from Sierra La Sal.  It will be fun to watch them develop their futures.

It may take a village to raise a child, but these young folks have added greatly to what makes La Sal special.

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