Lots of road work going on in northern San Juan County

The San Juan County road folks have been very busy of late in our vicinity.  
With all the moisture, as in deep snow on The Mountain, you can imagine the damage run-off has done to the roads.  There are deep cuts in some of the local’s favorite routes.  
It’s getting close to time to head up to the higher climes for summer recreation.  
We all knew it would be a late season this year due to all the (much appreciated) winter white stuff.
The road folks assigned to our area have been busy fixing roads on The Mountain.  
We just hope that those adventurous ones who want to be the first to see how far they can go have not put deep ruts into the wet roads, which we either have to live with and cuss all summer or the road guy will have to go in and do further work ‘cause of some idiots.
Not only is the road work going up high, but  County roads in the valley have received new surfaces.  In other words, slow down or you might just lose a windshield.  
That should slow down some of the local speed demons.  “Honest, Dad, I don’t know how the windshield got broken in the family car!”
No longer can walkers out and about on the County roads entertain themselves by viewing the spider web of tar repaired cracks and make them into designs and shapes.  Kind of like those blot things at a “shrinks” office.
If you get a chance, grab the latest Range magazine.  
Local writer Marjorie Haun, a frequent contributor has written a great article about another La Salian, Alan Hatch.  
This man is a cowboy in the true sense of the word.  That is, he is most at home horseback behind a bunch of cattle.  
They don’t make many like him anymore.  They mostly belong to the Old West.  It’s a great article.  There are usually several copies available at out local library in a closet.  If not, Marjorie always has lots of extra copies.  It is well worth reading.
Now I have to take issue with something the village idjet recently wrote about Mrs. Too Kind and Loving and her packing a sweater to take to Phoenix (see recent My View My Cave in the SJR).  
Take my word for it, a sweater is a necessity for Phoenix in mid-summer.  Let me explain.
Cave Guy and I both had careers with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). His was longer and more illustrious than mine for sure. The BLM’s national training center is in Phoenix.  
If you ever went there for a class or training in the summer, it might be 120+ outside, but inside, it’ll be 60 degrees.
I guess the trainers figure that temp will keep folks awake wiping their noses and breaking icicles from their eyebrows.
It’s not just the BLM that does this. Just about every public establishment you frequent will do the same.
It’s a wonder that all folks who live or visit Arizona don’t have constant colds due to violent fluctuations in temperatures from outside to inside.
Okay, we will soon be saying goodbye to CG and Mrs. Too Kind as they travel nearly half way round the world to work in paradise (except when there are typhoons and other such natural events).  
But my guess is that we will still hear from Cave Guy now and then as he is able to slip out a column or dozens of them. I bet he just can’t help himself. Bon Voyage you two. Good luck.
Everyone in La Sal – slow down!  The windshield you save could be your own – or maybe mine.

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