German slackliner to attempt world record for distance walked between two hot air balloons this weekend

Alexander Schulz, a German slackliner, will attempt a world record feat crossing between two hot air balloons that will be flying over the mountains in Monument Valley at an altitude of 4,920 feet this week.
The attempt will be a world record if the daring slackliner is able to pull it off, crossing a total distance of 32-39 feet, almost a mile above the ground.
The attempt will be certified through the official measurement of altitude with video footage and photography.
Schulz is part of the German slacklining team “One Inch Dream.” Schulz currently holds world records for the longest and highest highlines.
The event is part of the “Wunderbar Together” initiative kickoff, which is a yearlong event celebrating United States and German relations.
The initiative is funded by the German government and implemented by the Goethe Institut.
“America is not only Germany’s partner, but its closest partner outside of Europe,” said Foreign Minister Heiko Maas.
“Wunderbar Together offers us an opportunity to renew and preserve the historic bonds between our people.
“By celebrating German-American friendship and cultural exchange, we will facilitate increased and enhanced dialogue between Germans and Americans.”
One of the hot air balloons Schulz is attempting to cross from will have an American flag and the other will feature a German flag, symbolizing US and German relations.
The kickoff event is part of six events that have taken place across the country and will continue over the course of the next year. 
The daring crossing was postponed due to weather Oct. 9 and has been rescheduled for sometime between Oct. 21-24.
The hot air ballon crossing is the last of the kickoff events to take place because of the initial cancellation due to the inclement weather that affected much of the region last week.
On Oct. 4, four-time break dance world champion “Flying Steps” performed to the music of German classical composer Johann Sebastian Bach on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington D.C.
It was the first of the kickoff events to take place. 
“The German-American friendship is built on a myriad of personal connections that span the Atlantic – centuries-old family ties and new friendships, twin towns and sister cities, and friendships between schools and universities,” said German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier.
“We want to nurture and celebrate this friendship through Deutschlandjahr USA 2018/19 (Wunderbar Together).
The aim is to create many opportunities to see old friends and make new ones, and to discuss the issues we care deeply about.” 
You can find out more about that initiative and the other events taking place at

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