Roam if you want to, roam around the world

by Mary Cokenour

“I hear a wind, whistling air, whispering in my ear.” (Roam, by the B-52s)

Surrounded by majestic Ponderosa Pine, sailing upon a one-track trail and the breeze whispers into ears a blessed silence.  

Welcome to mountain biking in the Abajo Mountains with Roam Industry. Opening its doors July 2018, owners Dustin and Natalie Randall enjoy the great outdoors of San Juan County.

They wanted to bring mountain biking, hiking and winter sports to visitors and locals of this vast area.

When it comes to mountain biking, Roam Industry became the organizers and hosts of the Abajo Enduro.  A yearly mountain biking fest which has grown to a two-day, three-state event, and has sold out the past two years.  

What started out as a handful of friends, to ride and have friendly competition, is now a full on event, maximum participation of 50 riders!

“…dancing down those dirty and dusty trails. Take it hip to hip, rocket through the wilderness.” (Roam, by the B-52s)

Along with mountain biking, hiking and climbing tours are also offered during the spring through fall months. Tours are initially one to three days of exploring various sections of San Juan County. Climbing is mainly in the Indian Creek Valley, or what is now part of the Bears Ears National Monument.  

Roam Industry offers the service of a mobile tiny home, sleeping seven and room for supplies. It is camping with the comfort of home.  Currently the tiny home is up at Buckboard National Forest Campground.  Sports of snow shoeing and cross country skiing are a major draw during the winter months.

Natalie Randall helped develop the trails that extend from the Dalton Springs and Buckboard campgrounds. Through her grant writing, Monticello has been able to expand other trails for biking and walking also.  A hut system, throughout San Juan County is now in the works.

Cross country skiing not your sport of choice?  Dustin Randall states, “It takes about one season to learn and become proficient on the skis.  After that though, you will love it!”

Another benefit of visiting Roam Industry is their self-serve snack bar and relaxed seating section.

Delicious scones of Lemon Rosemary, Pumpkin, Coconut, Ginger Apricot and more are the creations of home baker, Hannah Plemons.

Crisp around the edges, tender and fluffy inside, the fruity-to-savory concoctions are pleasing to the taste buds. Along with coffees, teas, and water, the scones are an indulgent start to the day’s event or a relaxing finish.

Hannah’s scones are available Monday and Wednesday at 1 p.m., and they are gone in the blink of an eye!

While Roam Industry did have some success with a connection with Airbnb, it is mainly word of mouth that sustains this business.  Repeat customers and great reviews feed the trickle-down effects to the City of Monticello.

Hotels, restaurants, and shops benefit from the influx of visitors, their families that come along, and the friends who decide to have their own Roam adventures.

What better way is there for economic sustainability and development than to have local businesses holding hands with each other in camaraderie?

Current winter hours are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from 1 to 6 p.m. Once spring’s warm fingers begin to caress the land, more adventurous opportunities will become available.

In the summer months, family reunions are always looking for activities. How about a group tour with Roam Industry?  

“Roam if you want to. Roam around the world. Roam if you want to.” (Roam, by the B-52s)

Roam Industry is located at 265 North Main Street in Monticello.

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