New book by Carol Fredere tells local story

Blanding resident, Carol Fredere, recently published the story of her father, Robert Foster and his first family.  
Passionate Visions and Sacrificial Children is the culmination of her efforts.  
Carol’s motivation for the book stems from a letter she received in 2018 from Adam Foster, one of her father’s children from another wife. 
In the letter, “Adam explained to me that Dad had told his family that his first wife, my mother, had “left him”. 
Adam also mentioned that he now realized that this was ‘not true’. 
It was then that Carol decided it was time to share her family story.
After 25 years of a loving, monogamous marriage, and raising ten children together in a committed LDS household, her father became acquainted with a polygamous family. 
Her father was insistent that her mother study this new-found ‘lifestyle’. 
Her father chose to enter into polygamy.  Her mother did not. 
Her father founded Rockland Ranch in San Juan County, where he lived with some of his wives and their children.  
The book is available at the San Juan Record Bookstore in Monticello, Back of Beyond Books in Moab, or through Amazon, Back of Beyond Books in Moab, or from the author.

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