Manual Morgan

Candidate for San Juan County Commission
Manuel Morgan is a member of the Navajo Nation and has lived in San Juan County most of his life and has over 25 years of experience in enterprise development and executive leadership in both private and government sectors.
Manuel will work hard to ensure that Utah and San Juan County leads the way for government-to-government relationships that will improve our livelihoods.

Honor Tribal Sovereignty
Tribal Nations are sovereign nations. The State of Utah should commit in ensuring a government-to-government relationship by appointing a cabinet level leader to carry out this priority.
Furthermore, this will ensure other cabinets members the importance of these relationships with Tribal governments.
Tribal residents vote for County and State Official. These Officials should take upon themselves to make agreements with Tribes to serve the people that vote them in office.
These agreements will pave the foundation for recognizing sovereignty and gives you (Officials) the tools to serve your Tribal constituents.
This ensures a better understanding of relationships with tribal government for all residents of San Juan County.

Water Settlement
The U.S. Government/Treaties recognizes that Tribes have senior water rights. As County Commissioner, I will push to get the state of Utah and Navajo Nation to a comprehensive settlement of water for Utah Dineh.
Having water rights will spur the infrastructure for economic development and ensure our water for our future generations.

Utah Navajo Trust Fund
The Trust fund has been the foundation for economic development and progress for Navajos in San Juan County. It has been used to build the infrastructure, homes, health facilities, and education for the Utah Navajos.
The inaction of the State of Utah has set the Utah Navajos back. We need to address this issue and move forward again, as was intended for the beneficiaries.

Tourism to Reservations and its Economy
Millions travel Between Kayenta, AZ to Mesa Verde, CO; they travel and stop at landmarks on Navajo Nation Lands such as Monument Valley, Bluff, Hovenweep National Monument and make significant contributions to the economic health to our surrounding and regional economies.
I will support and advocate the State and County to stimulate tourism facilities on the Reservation Land. Such investment should be part of the State’s plan to grow Utah’s economy. The State of Utah can help lay the foundation for economic development for San Juan County and its residence
I will push and support local native residents to serve on state economic and tourism boards or committees.

State Grants and Funding
Federal monies and grants that flow to States should flow to the reservations without waving sovereignty and boundaries.
The Utah Indian Summit should be held on Tribal lands to have local community attendance for the state to collaborate on services. The Indian Summit could set the agenda for the Governor regarding tribal collaborations on issues.
Public Lands and Use Policy for San Juan County should be for All residents of the County and not just for special interest only.
Thank you for your support.
Manuel Morgan

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