Monticello Council hears Christmas Festival plans

by Roma Young
Bayley Hedglin reported to the Monticello City Council on November 25 that the Chamber of Commerce has the plans complete for the December 13 Christmas Festival.
The events will begin at 9 a.m. with a Breakfast with Santa provided by the Catholic Church. The location is yet to be announced.
A “Shop Local” campaign will occur during that week. Table tents have been placed in the local restaurants to help advertise events.
Hedglin reported on the new business incubator program which the city has entered into. They have placed packets at the city office for people who apply for new business licenses.
The incubator program is to help new businesses get up and going. They currently have three clients that are in various stages and are providing help to them. They established some new connections at their business expo in Bluff with personnel from the Navajo Nation.
Hedglin is hopeful that these connections will help with future funding sources. Mayor Tim Young expressed his support for the program and its ability to help new businesses succeed.
Hedglin also presented to the council the desire of the Economic Development Committee to create a beach at Loyds Lake on the south end of the lake about the size of a football field so kids could have a place to play.
The reason they are presenting at this time is because the lake is at a low level and now is the best time to develop a beach.
The Economic Development Board will continue to check into the options for obtaining clean sand, etc. and let the council know more about the possibilities as they get information.
Public Works Supervisor Nathan Langston explained that the engineer’s estimate to seal the asphalt on the airport runway came in low. The city needs to add an additional $2800 from the airport reserve fund to seal the tarmac.
Dawn Howe, a member of the Airport Committee, reported that because of weather, the sealing needs to be maintained on a regular basis.
Councilman Monte Wells questioned whether there are any statistics on planes coming in and out of the airport. Howe said there are no statistics presently and nothing in place to keep them with.
Howe added that statistics need to be kept because the numbers drive funding sources for maintenance.
In other news at the airport, the courtesy car is no longer operational. Since there is no rental car service available in Monticello, the courtesy car has been the only option available for pilots who need to go into town and the car has been used frequently in the past. A courtesy car is expected in these small towns with remote airports.
Howe suggested using a surplus county or state car. “It just needs to be small car that is reliable enough to get you into town and back to the airport.”
The vehicle could also perform runway tests in the winter and check fences.
Langston presented a need for a kiosk in front of the city office building to advertise city events, similar to the visitor’s center. Langston will look into the options and the council will reconsider it at the next meeting.
A Citizen of the Year was nominated and approved unanimously. The choice for citizen of the year will be announced at the Monticello High School music concert in December.

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