Monticello requires building permits

Monticello City officials encourage the cooperation of local residents and builders in complying with current building codes and regulations.
Some projects have moved forward without building permits. The building permit process is in place to assure that projects meet current building codes and structural integrity requirements. In addition, many insurance companies want to see building permit records before insurance coverage is issued or benefits paid.
The City of Monticello would like to remind property owners and contractors that building permits are required for most construction projects, including: • Pre-fabricated structures, • Structures installed without a cement slab or foundation, • Installation and modification of plumbing, electrical, gas, or mechanical systems, • Decks, • Home additions, • Storage sheds, • Garages/carports • New building construction
• Construction projects not requiring building permits include: • One-story, detached, accessory structures (e.g., garage, storage shed, etc) of 120 square feet or less • Painting, papering, tiling, carpeting, cabinets, counter tops, and similar finish work, and • Swings or playground equipment accessory to a one or two-family dwelling
Failure to obtain a building permit before starting work can result in a Class C Misdemeanor as well as fines and fees of up to $1000. In addition, contractors can be at risk of losing business licenses for completing work for which a building permit is required and not obtained.
“It’s always best to contact the City office to find out if your project requires a building permit,” said Ruth Skouson, assistant city manager. “If in doubt, check it out.”

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