Monticello city approves incentive for law enforcement, shuffles city roles

Update: The print edition of this story referenced minimum home sizes rather than lots sizes. The online version has been updated to reflect the change

Monticello City approved a $2-an hour incentive to sheriff deputies, thanked US House representation for funds for cancer screening and made plans to shuffle some city roles at their latest meeting.
During the April 26 meeting members of the Monticello City Council approved a $2 an hour incentive for San Juan County Sheriff’s deputies that work in Monticello.
Following the dissolution of the Monticello Police Department in June 2020, the city began contracting with the San Juan County Sheriff’s Department for law enforcement services.
Council members thanked councilmember Ron Skinner who helped spearhead the effort taking several meetings with representation from County Administration and the Sheriff’s department.
“The agreement is we have an incentive for the officers that are working in Monticello, '' Skinner explained. “An incentive to keep them here and that we feel that they’re doing a pretty good job.”
While the city will pay the $2 an hour increase the county will cover the costs of contributions to the Utah Retirement System.
At the meeting city council also held a public hearing regarding changes to residential one and residential two zones. City Manager Evan Bolt explained the changes were in response from actions in the Utah State Legislature.
“Trying to make it so things are a little bit easier for property owners to hopefully do more with their property and be in line with state code.”
If adopted the changes would include a decrease in the minimum size of single-family and multi-family dwellings. 
Currently in R1 and R2 zones Single Family lots cannot be smaller than 10,000 square feet, the updated code would allow lots as small as 5,400 square feet. 
Additionally a small home designation in R2 would allow lots as small as 3,000 square feet. The change would also decrease frontage requirements for lots.
The council held the public hearing but held off on passing the zone changes with plans to address it in the near future.
City council also passed a resolution thanking U.S. Congressman John Curtis and his office for their aid in securing $520,000 in federal funds for cancer screening for victims of the Monticello mill superfund site.
Monticello resident Steve Young explained that the Victims of Mill Tailings Exposure alongside federal representatives had raised $800,000 to screen over 1,000 Monticello residents for cancers related to decades of exposure to Uranium tailings.
Young explained that money ran out about 6-7 years ago and through conversations with Representative Curtis the San Juan County Health Department was able to receive $520,000 to reinstitute the program. 
People who lived in Monticello before the mill site was cleaned up in the 1990’s are eligible for a subsidized cancer screening. A person does not need to be a current resident of Monticello to qualify.
At the meeting Monticello City Council also gave approval of a shake-up of city roles. With the departure of City Recorder Shalena Black the city is looking at changing how some roles are structured.
The city plans to create a full-time assistant city manager role, a part-time front desk clerk while dissolving the parks and recreation manager position.
Current Parks and Recreation manager Shayne Christensen will transition to a role with Public Works. 
Golf Course Superintendent Caleb Bailey will take over delegating park maintenance with part-time labor performing tasks.
The created assistant city manager role will also aid in recreation direction, as well as responsibilities with financial, planning and zoning.
Bolt reports the change will have a nominal impact on overall budget.
At the meeting Monticello City Council also passed on raising waste or landfill rates again, asking for additional information from city staff.

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