Monticello City Council Candidate: Nathan Chamberlain

Hello again fellow Community Members! It has been a privilege being a part of the voting process required for City Councilman. For the past 19 years I have been a part of this wonderful community and have seen many changes during this time. We have a unique and valuable commodity in the structure and people belonging to this area. My family and I recognize how special this town is and the people in it are the reason why. I have contemplated the reasons why I submitted my application for this position. I have come to the conclusion that my time has come to get involved and not just watch the amazing changes but become part of them. We all know that economic development is something that our community greatly needs. Increasing revenue will allow us to increase the programs and amenities the city can offer. Our location in the much traveled four corners area provides us with a unique opportunity to draw from a diverse group of clientele. Supporting the individual businesses and potential businesses should be the priority of our city. The city of Monticello has provided the area residents with a variety of recreational opportunities. The Hideout Golf Club, Monticello city pool, and youth sports leagues to name a few. Every citizen has the opportunity to support these city amenities. I will continue to support the Hideout Golf Club, usually at 7 AM or 4 PM depending on the season. It would be an honor to work with the current city council members and any of the other exceptional candidates. I am willing to listen, work as a team player, and make decisions that are valuable to members of this community. I encourage all to be a part of the change and embrace what we have!

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