Monticello City Council Candidate: Ron Skinner

My name is Ron Skinner. I have been honored to be on the Monticello City Council for the past four years. Grateful for the opportunity to serve, I have worked hard to always vote for the best interest of the City of Monticello and it’s Citizens, being mindful to never let any personal interest enter my decision-making process. Being on council hasn’t always been easy, in fact there have been some very difficult issues we have had to deal with in the past few years. I am seeking a 2nd term of office with hope that I can be of service to you, bring your concerns to council and also help in completing some important projects that have been in limbo for years, that I feel are crucial for Monticello. I have the knowledge, energy and passion to help them come to fruition. 
Completing the Spring Creek Mountain Water Project is a priority for me. For years the ground work for this has been slowly moving forward, yet much too slowly. It needs to be completed. One of the main concerns I hear from citizens is in regards to water security. I have been working and will continue to work hard to help the City complete this very needed project. Another item of priority for me in the next term is to have an ADA accessible playground at one of our public parks. It is not only important for us as a City to be in compliance with State law but also to have Monticello’s Parks serve all children. 
As a retired police officer and as a Veteran I have learned to rely both on myself and to work with others to accomplish any worthwhile goal. I am committed to keeping our City safe, to having government be transparent, accountable and fiscally responsible, to use our resources to improve and maintain what we have built and to help find needs to improve our quality of life here in Monticello. Aging infrastructure has always been and will continue to be a challenge. The sewer system is badly in need of an upgrade, roads always need repair. We need to look ahead and prepare. 
As an active community member I serve on the County Health Board as second chair, I serve on the county ATV board as well as the Bears Ears Cooperating Agency. I am the liaison between the City of Monticello and the San Juan County Sheriffs department and, although not a board member of VMTE, I have been very involved in bringing back the cancer screening program. As a council member I strongly believe that I am a voice for YOU to be heard. I have always been and will continue to be open to hearing your concerns whether it be by phone, email, in the post office, or on the street. Please always feel free to talk to me. 
I am excited to have Monticello move forward, reaching new levels of independence. I am not a politician but a public servant and desire to reflect the values of our community as a City Council Member. I humbly ask for your vote this November.

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