Monticello city council talks variance requests

by David Boyle
News Director

Monticello city council members considered two variance requests and approved an airport maintenance project at their latest meeting.
At the September 12 meeting members of the Monticello city council heard two land variance requests for properties in town.
Members of the council discussed a request for a variance on 416 N Main Street to allow mobile homes on the .36 acre lot.
The landowner petitioner explained the property had five mobile homes on cement pads when he bought the property at the time the landowner took the mobile homes down with plans for the property in the city commercial zone. The landowner said changing personal circumstances resulted in his plans not moving forward and he has since listed the property for sale.
The property does have a potential buyer who wants to use the five water and sewer hookups and cement pads on the lot to once again house mobile homes. However, changes in the city ordinance would require approval for the mobile homes to be placed.
At the meeting the landowner also explained the buyer currently has mobile home parks ready to be moved from Moab to the property.
Members of the city council seemed amicable to the request with a few concerns outlined. The buyer had expressed interest in having some of the mobile homes be used as short-term rentals, however city staff noted that short-term rentals are not allowed in mobile home parks as part of city code.
The other issue raised by the city council was fire safety, fire officials said they’d be comfortable with all five spots being used if the units were 40 feet or less, however anything over 40-feet on each unit would result in a recommendation of allowing just four mobile homes on the property.
The length of the mobile homes to be brought in was unknown at the meeting, members of the council moved to table the approval until they had additional information.
At the September 12 meeting members of the council discussed another variance request for approval for a property near the city golf course.
The property owner is building a shed and has plans to build an 8x20 foot lean to against the shed overlooking the city golf course. However the leantoo would not meet city setback requirements and is therefore looking for the variance request.
The set-back requirement is related to the drainage of the shed and lean to as it could drain into the adjacent property. Monticello city is the owner of the neighboring property, a wilderness area that connects to the golf course cart path about 60 feet from the end of the property.
City council members expressed hesitancy for the approval of the project stating the unknown effect of drainage on the hillside which starts about five feet beyond the property line.
Council member Nathan Chamberlain made a motion to approve the variance request with the stipulation that the property owner install snow cleats on the lean-to roof as well as a gutter redirecting water away from the neighboring property. That motion was approved unanimously
Council member Kim Henderson then made a motion to amend the approval
“Add a stipulation that the property owner is able to provide a risk assessment from a licensed engineer stating risk for erosion.” The council later added that a high risk assessment from an engineer would result in the denial of the variance approval.
Council members voted 4-1 to approve the amendment with councilmember Chamberlain voting against.
At the meeting members of the council also approved the budgeted airport maintenance project. The project is for paving at the airport including crack seals. The Federal Aviation Administration is providing a grant for 90 percent of the $256,000 project, with the state of Utah providing about five-percent leaving the city a bill of just under $20,000 for the work at the airport. Members of the council voted to approve the budgeted grant match for the project.
Members of the council also heard public comment at the meeting including from San Juan County Health Director Grant Sunada.
Sunada shared with the council that the county will start providing appointments for Women Infant and Child services in Monticello. The program provides money for food to low-income expectant mothers and families with young children. Previously participants would need to drive to Blanding for appointments. Now on the second Wednesdays of the month from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm WIC users can walk-in for appointments in Monticello.
Sunada noted that the program already serves a lot of clients in Monticello and surrounding areas and should make services more available.
Sunada also highlighted the county’s receiving of funding for cancer screenings for anyone who lived in Monticello prior to 2002 and the federal government superfund cleanup. At the meeting members of the council also heard from city resident Doug Allen who thanked the city for their involvement in the September 11 day of remembrance service project. Allen reported over 40 people came to help re-paint red curbs.

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