Monticello City honors volunteers

by David Boyle
News Director
Members of the Monticello City Council recognized citizens, talked about garbage code and pursuit of a future truck stop at their latest meeting.
Members of the Monticello city council recognized a handful of people at its February 27 meeting.
Members of the Monticello City Council recognized volunteer Carol Van Steeter for 13 years on the city Parks and Beautification Committee.
The committee is responsible for many beautification projects in the city including the annual Christmas tree lights in Veterans Memorial Park and the newly installed sculpture at the park.
The council also recognized San Juan Sheriff Deputy Scott Sandiford for outstanding work within the city of Monticello, particularly in the town’s school zones to keep the town and children safe. 
City council also recognized and congratulated City Planning Commission Chair Lee Bennett on the success of her new book The Dugout Ranch: A Land Use Perspective 1875-1965.
At their latest meeting members of the city council also discussed plans to update the city garbage and refuse code.
Among the updates were additions of definitions of construction waste, as well as regulations to keep garbage bins three-feet away from neighboring objects. The code also included the possibility of fines after warnings for garbage polycarts left on the street.
The city did change the code to allow for yard clippings in the polycarts so long as larger branches or other yard waste over 1 foot and six inches in diameter that could become trapped in the bins.
Members of the council also gave input on not allowing ashes or lithium batteries to be disposed of as both are fire hazards. City staff made note and planned to bring back the updated code before passing it.
City council member Kirk Crowley also brought a discussion regarding courting future truck stops on the outer edges of the town. Crowley pointed out these things take time, noting he started having conversations about a truck stop near his business office in Cortez ten years ago with a new Loves Truck Stop opening earlier this year.
The proposal would be to write letters to businesses to see if they are interested in opening a location on the outskirts of Monticello city.
Council members spoke about the idea noting the need to consider feasibility, potential impacts on other businesses, working with the county, the need for additional parking, and the possibility of annexation of property. 
Members of the city council also adopted updated zoning and subdivision regulations. The updates were the same as discussed at the last city meeting aimed at bringing the city in-line with state requirements.

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