Monticello talks banners, ATV Safari

by David Boyle
News Director
Monticello City Council members discussed USU banners on Main Street, the annual ATV safari and received an update on the school crossing zone at their latest meeting.
At the July 11 meeting, members of the Monticello City Council also approved a request from Utah State University-Monticello campus to hang banners on Main Street. 
While banners have been on Main Street for several years, the council has recently begun allowing nonprofits and educational institutions to place banners on Main Street so long as the city approves the design and the organization covers the cost of installation.
The original request for banners from the Canyon Country Discovery Center in May to help promote their events surrounding the upcoming Annular Eclipse. Members of the city council approved designs for banners at their June 27 meeting, with the stipulation that corporate logos not be a part of the banners.
At the July 11 meeting, the council approved banners from Utah State University for Monticello’s Main and Center streets.
Mayor Bayley Hedglin explained the USU banners will be placed on every third pole and up year-round. The design features Aggie Blue and White with the words U State appearing above the word Monticello.
Council member Kim Henderson noted her approval of the banner and USU Monticello.
“I think it looks good, I’ll echo what I said last time, I do feel like it’s a huge benefit to have this college and these programs here in San Juan County and Monticello.”
Members of the council voted 5-1 to approve the banners with council member George Rice voting against.
Members of the Monticello City Council also received an update on the annual ATV Safari.
The fall event features 17 guided tours of trails in the county. Host cities rotate between Monticello and Blanding with Monticello to host this year.
City council member Ron Skinner is also an event organizer. He reported the event has over 100 riders signed up for the event September 13-16. 
“We’re trying to do it to bring people to town, to fill the RV parks, fill the places to eat.” 
Skinner also shared with the council the event is looking for additional guides and sponsors of the event.
Members of the council expressed their support of the event.
At the meeting members of the Monticello City council also discussed granting an exception for setbacks for some homes on 500 North. The styrofoam houses on 500 North are reportedly close to meeting the setback requirements, granting the exception could move a sale forward on the property and possibly result in improvements to the homes.
At the meeting members of the city council also shared an update on the school crossing zone on Main Street. Prep work is being done to install new flashing lights at the crossing to increase safety ahead of the start of the school year in August.
During the meeting, members of the council heard public comment from city resident Doug McLaughlin. 
McLaughlin said that last year he and fellow golf course supporter Manuel Torres came to the council making a presentation with suggestions about the upkeep of the golf course.
A year later, McLaughlin said the concerns he expressed last year are still of concern.
Members of the council held an hour-long closed session to discuss personnel to conclude the city council meeting.

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