Recreation programs a priority for Monticello

Steps to promote and ensure stable recreation in Monticello was a main topic of discussion for the Monticello City Council on January 12.

The Council emphasized that Monticello City Recreation needs to get recreation up and running again for the kids of Monticello. The boys basketball program was recently canceled because of the lack of sign-ups.

Multiple factors triggered this decision, including a program for sign-ups which failed, a two-week public health mandate from the state that had just come out, and other miscommunications.

While the council would still like to have a boys basketball season, a full season is no longer an option. They hope to work with the high school program to host a basketball camp with the opportunity to play some scrimmages.

City Manager Evan Bolt said, “My biggest concern is…we want these kids to go into middle school and high school sports prepared with fundamentals.

“If we are going to keep pushing off rec programs, then we are setting up our school district and at least our Monticello [athletes to struggle].”

It is anticipated that the girls basketball program will have full season starting in March compared to a condensed basketball season for the boys program.

The city council hopes to fix the issues impacting recreational sports and assure the community that a commitment to proceed with recreation is there.

They understand that parents may be uncertain about things right now and may have thought that future programs will be canceled since football, soccer, and other programs were.

Councilwoman Bailey Hedglin recommended the council create a recreation committee to include members of the community.

She said that having parents on the committee who are excited for their kids to participate can help get the word out through the community.

Councilman Nathan Chamberlain emphasized that roles need to be clearly defined for the committee members.

The council discussed reinstating a full-contact football program for fifth and sixth grade students. Hedglgin suggested it would be a huge benefit for the community, stating, “Parents have talked to me and stated they are willing to pay a lot of money up front in order to get this started back up.”

On another note, there are big decisions to make concerning the Hideout Golf Club and its staff.

The resignation of Pro Tyler Ivins takes effect on February 1 and Greenskeeper Brian Sturdevant recently informed the city that he has accepted a position in Moab.

As a result, the future of the golf course, including leadership and staffing, is a big concern at this time.

Mayor Tim Young said, “There are 18 greens and 17 of them have different needs.” Young emphasized that Sturdevant learned many details about the golf course over the years.

Ivins stated that the Moab course has suggested leasing the Hideout in the past.

The golf season starts in two to three months, leaving a small window to make key decisions.

At the time, there were five applicants for the Golf Pro position. City officials stated that before making a final decision, they are looking at general maintenance and management budgets and trying to figure out a pay scale that works.

Mayor Young added, “The advantage we have is the golf course has been doing well. It is up and running and bringing in revenue.”

He emphasized that the course needs to find someone who is committed to staying in the position and a people person to interact with the golfing community.

The Monticello City Council approved an allocation of $2,000 to help pay for a North Creek Dam feasibility study. The San Juan Water Conservancy District will pay the remaining $8,000 of the $10,000 cost for the study.

The study will be conducted by Jones and DeMille Engineering and will look at the North Creek drainage area to assess the feasibility of constructing a dam and a new reservoir near Monticello.

If the study reveals a reservoir is feasible in the area, it could result in plans for a dam to be built in the next four to five years.

In other news, Melissa Gill was motioned into the office of Deputy Recorder. The motion was made by Nathan Chamberlain and seconded by Ron Skinner. It passed unanimously.

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