Preliminary Navajo Nation Election Results: Nygren wins Presidency, Yanito and Daniels lead in council delegate races

by David Boyle
News Director
The Navajo Nation held Elections on November 8. Diné voters visited the polls to vote to elect a president and representatives to the Navajo Nation Council.
Unofficial results have been released showing that Buu Nygren has defeated Incumbent Jonathan Nez in the Navajo Nation Presidential race.
Nygren and his running mate Richelle Montoya earned 34,568 votes (52.6%) while Nez and his running mate Chad Abeyta earned 31,069 votes (47.3%). Nez
Nygren was born in Blanding and is from Red Mesa. The Red Mesa Chapter is split by the Utah-Arizona border. Montoya will be the first female vice president of the Navajo Nation.
Nez is from Shonto, Arizona near Navajo Mountain, Utah, and represented Navajo Mountain and Monument Valley on the Navajo Nation Council before winning a presidential election.
Utah Navajo are represented by three different seats on the Navajo Nation Council.
One seat represents Tólikan, as well as Utah chapters Mexican Water, Red Mesa, TeecNosPos, and Aneth.
Voters from those five chapters cast votes for Curtis Yanito and Davis Filfred.
Preliminary results show Yanito earning 1,788 (58.6%) votes while Filfred has earned (41.3%)1,262 votes.
Utah Navajo also voted in a primary for the seat to represent Tsah Bii Kin, Shonto, and Utah chapters of Naa’tsis’aán and Oljato.
Preliminary results show Incumbent Herman M. Daniels Jr earning 1,202 (53.8%) votes while challenger Henry “Hank” Stevens earned 1,032 votes (46.2%).
Utah Navajo also voted in an election for the seat to represent Kayenta, Chilchinbeto, and Utah chapter Dennehotso.
Preliminary results show Shaandiin Parrish earning 1,032 (52.5%) while incumbent Nathaniel Brown has earned 954 votes (47.5%).
Northern Navajo School elections were contested for the at-large seat representing Mexican Water, Tolikan, Aneth, and Red Mesa Chapters. Preliminary results see Doris Tsinnijinnie earning 1,405 votes (60.3%) with John Billie earning 923 votes (39.6%).
To Nanees Dizi Schools I I at-large seat representing Chilchinbeto, Dennehotso,, Kayenta and Oljato Chapters was George E. Sisco III earning 1867 votes (59.8%) with Betty Donald earning 1,251 (40.1%).
Election for the Navajo Board of Election Supervisors at-large seat representing the Western Agency sees Myra Begay earning 6,389 votes (58.5%) leading Raymond Maxx who earned 4,518 votes (41.4%)
Navajo Board of Elections Supervisors at-large seat representing the Northern Agency sees Watona Kellywood with a narrow lead. Kellywoood has earned 6,176 votes (50.11%) while William Lee has earned 6,150 votes (49.89%).
Navajo Nation Elections will not be certified for at least 10 days after the election. Navajo Nation voter turnout was 53.03% of registered voters.

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