Navajo Strong donates to USU Center in Monument Valley

Bud Frazier, founder of Navajo Strong, presented a $5,000 donation to the Utah State University Monument Valley Center to Associate Vice President Kristian Olsen. Olsen was instrumental in setting up a warehouse that helped Navajo Strong distribute essential COVID-19 supplies to clinics, hospitals, police departments, chapter houses, essential workers, Navajo families, and elders on the reservation. Navajo Strong’s board of directors and staff are continuing efforts to fund and sponsor indigenous projects that honor their ancestors and empower the Navajo people. Navajo Strong will continue to focus on self-sufficiency projects that promote health, culture, and empowerment in long-term and meaningful ways. The non-profit organization has gone beyond Frazier’s wildest dreams and acknowledges Kristian Olsen and USU for the use of the warehouse which was a catalyst in defining and fulfilling the mission of Navajo Strong. For more information, visit Photo courtesy Jami Bayles 

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