Nearly 150 race in the Blanding Firecracker 5K

by David Boyle
The 2015 Blanding Firecracker 5k race started and ended at Centennial Park on July 4. The race saw nearly 150 participants run the course to begin the Independence Day festivities.
First place overall is Robert Lambert, who finished with a time of 17:57. Finishing second is Kenneth Merrell in 18:26 and third is Jade Grover, who finished in 19:52
Finishing in 19:53 was the fourth overall runner and first place runner in the women’s category, Skye Jeppson. Chelsa Johnson was second and Jessica Walker third.
Places in each category include: Male under 14: Seth Pugh first, Alton Pugh second, and Evan Monson third.
Female under 14: Skye Jeppson first, Rachel Barton second, and Emily Jacobson third.
Male 15-19: Kenneth Merrell first, Tom Hook second, and Grange Simpson third.
Female 15-19: Jessica Walker first, Alexsis James second, and Ann Pugh third.
Male 20-29: Jade Grover first, Fielding Adams second, and Lance Merrell third.
Female 20-29: Cindy Bradford first, Mariah Harris second, and Keosha Rasmussen third.
Male 30-39: Robert Lambert first, Timothy Villaran second and Cody Nielson third.
Female 30-39: Chelsa Johnson first, Lissa Diaz second, and Natalie Tibbits third.
Male 40-49: Chris Monson first, Kurtis Pugh second and Jeff Hunt third.
Female 40-49: Marci Jacobson first, Lana Merrell second and Margaret Jacobson third.
Male 50+: Roger Merrell first, Steve Parker second, and George Jones third.
Female 50+: Laurie Randall first, Susan McCleskey second and Lillian Bayles third.

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