Additional charges for Blanding roomate killing

35-year-old Blanding man Charles Youngkuom Yoo now faces additional charges in the case of the murder of his two roommates William Bull and Christopher Owens in March.
While Yoo had previously been charged with two counts of aggravated murder, and obstruction of justice.
Yoo has now also been charged with two counts of abuse or desecration of a human body.
Court documents have revealed some additional information in the investigation of the death of the two Blanding men.
The men’s bodies were recovered by investigators in Arizona, in an area that Yoo’s phone pinged at March 1.
The cause of deaths were from gunshot wounds, with bullets and fragments found in the victims bodies matching a gun owned by Yoo.
A March 8 search warrant also included evidence of blood in the residence as well as the discovery of burnt remnants of fibers, possibly carpet or clothing buried underneath the house.
The two men were last seen alive on February 25, and listed as missing on February 27.
On the 27th of February a friend of the two men went to their residence where Yoo claimed told the friend one of his guns had gone missing and said he wanted to speak to an attorney before reporting the gun missing.
Yoo is being held without bail

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