San Juan Record releases new website

In addition to dealing with a worldwide pandemic, we are making major changes and expansions in our business in an effort to better meet your needs.
After months of development work, we are delighted to introduce the new San Juan Record website at If you, for some reason, have some down time over the next few weeks, you might enjoy exploring the newest offering from the San Juan Record!
The newly expanded website offers a wide range of increased services for readers and advertisers. With expanded options such as streaming news, video coverage, and online advertising, the new website represents a significant new development. We will continue to roll out new website offerings in coming months.
Breaking news will be loaded to the website throughout the week as we become a 24/7 news organization rather than publishing only once a week.
We load a limited number of stories – approximately ten – to the free website each week. Subscribers can read a full version of the newspaper through our E-edition, which can also be accessed at
And now (finally!) you can subscribe to the paper or pay a bill online at the website.
The new website offers a variety of advertising options. It is a great way for local businesses and organizations to find readers interested in particular topics.
• • • • •
In addition to the coverage of news, the website also includes links to our additional goods and services, including Red Rock Radio, the 101 Ways to Experience San Juan County visitors guide, Photo of the Week offerings, SJR Books, and SJR Travel.
Our purchase of Red Rock Radio, at 92.7 FM, should be completed and receive regulatory approval in the coming weeks. Red Rock Radio is the most-listened-to radio station in the Four Corners region, offering a clear voice to more than 50,000 listeners in San Juan, Grand, Dolores, and Montezuma counties.
The 2020 issue of the visitors guide is also in development stages. We are trying to move forward with the publication even though things are certainly delayed at the current time.
Between the newspaper, radio station, website, visitors guide, and our expanding social media efforts, we reach a growing number of area residents and visitors with a clear and concise message.
• • • • •
The new website offers a wide range of options. All our obituaries are published on the website, along with the stories by columnists. The entries are listed under several categories and are sorted by each area community.
As a result, you can quickly find stories in 13 separate categories, including public lands, local sports, education, health care, or general life in San Juan.
In addition, you can find stories about eight separate communities, including Montezuma Creek, Blanding, Bluff, Monticello, or Spanish Valley.
Columns that are listed include Tied to the Post, My Cave My View, Northern News, Notes from Westwater, and Dust in the Wind.
Entries from popular historical columns are also listed, including Giants of San Juan, Out of the Blues, and a Trip to the Holy Land.
The website also includes an expanded calendar of events and detailed weather reports and forecasts for area communities.
• • • • •
Readers have accessed nearly seven million times since the website was introduced in 2007.
The new site includes a section featuring our most read website stories over the past 13 years, including stories about the tragic deaths of local residents and special forces soldiers, hunting and outdoor stories that captured the imagination of readers, coverage of big stories ranging from Bears Ears to elections to the Latigo Wind Farm, and several profiles of the Giants of San Juan.
In the future, we will load historic stories from the past 105 years.
The website is still very much a work in progress. With tens of thousands of individual entries already included, there are plenty of opportunities for mistakes and formatting challenges. Please let us know if you find any errors and know that we are continuing to work on this project!
• • • • •
We are also introducing a new email address for the San Juan Record at The prior address will continue to work.
Despite the current challenges, we are working at breakneck speed. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Please feel free to call or email anytime.
Thank you for your support and patience.

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