Busy week for La Sal emergency folks

by Maxine Deeter
Our local emergency responders were called out twice in the last few days.  Their first call-out was to the gruesome fatal accident in Lisbon Valley on August 28. 
Car passengers, both living and deceased, had to be extracted from vehicles.  This was a two vehicle accident. Despite both drivers wearing seatbelts, both were pronounced dead at the scene. 
A third person was transported to San Juan Hospital, but later died from his injuries.  According to one La Sal responder, it was a gory scene.  Those of us who are squeamish, as well as everyone else, greatly appreciates these folks who overcome their squeamishness to provide a great public service. 
Last Wednesday, several of these same folks were again called out for a rescue at Looking Glass Rock.  I don’t know how long this has been a popular rock climbing or rappelling area, but there has been much of that activity taking place there of late.
Wednesday’s incident involved a German tourist in his 60s (but very fit according to a responder) became stranded mid-air when his ropes jammed. 
He had been rappelling from the top into the concave portion of rock.  After two hours of trying to get his equipment to work, his wife finally went for help.  She did not speak English, although he did.  They sure could have used an interpreter at this point.
It was nearing dark so most of the rescuing was done by the illumination of headlights.  Several rescue vehicles were on scene including the “big truck”. 
It still took several hours for the man to be rescued from his dangling perch.  Fortunately, this event had a much happier ending than the previous.
We have several items on the social scene to report. First, last Wednesday, Wendy Bradshaw hosted a small luncheon at her home for the soon-to-be-departing Loris Blankenagel.  As mentioned in an earlier column, she and her hubby Jam B are leaving on a two-year LDS mission in Kirtland, OH. 
A half a dozen or so ladies enjoyed the delicious meal, visiting, yummy food and sharing recipes. 
The Bs were scheduled to head for Provo Friday morning, where they will spend a week at the Missionary Training Center before heading to Ohio to assume their duties. 
Still don’t know if they had to rent a U-Haul to transport all their stuff.  Maybe they did pack the Cadillac.
The La Sal Literary Guild (we probably need a catchier title for the group) met the last Tuesday of August to discuss their latest read. 
The newest member of the group, Jen Hill, selected the book.  She is a runner so suggested that the ladies pick any running book to read.  Some picked running technique books while other folks just came for the food and socializing. 
I tried to find the book If I Die and Go to He!!, They’ll Make Me Run. 
Evidently it has not been written yet, as I could not find it on Kindle or Amazon.  I opted for a love story:  Running on Empty. 
I had a supervisor (who shall remain anonymous) before I retired from my day job a few years ago who told me he could make a runner out of anyone.   
“Gary,” says I, “it just ain’t going to happen for me!” (P.S.: He wrote something really not nice on my 50th anniversary Facebook page.  If he ever pokes his head out of his cave again, I may get even!)
Our selection for September is Stealing Secrets, a non-fiction book about female spies during the Civil War.  It covers ladies from both sides of the combat.  So far, it has been very interesting.   
The La Sal Store Centennial Celebration, which was held last Saturday, was well attended.  Hot dogs and homemade root beer were served. 
A lot of historic information about the Store was dispensed by our local expert historian, Hardy Redd. 
Hardy has a long history with the store and all things related to La Sal.  It was an enjoyable afternoon for all who attended.  If you were late, you still root beer.  Yum!

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