A Little Geometry Refresher 

A couple of events occurred this week within the time warp – me writing, you reading. Such is the reality of a weekly newspaper. 
Sunday night was the March meeting of the La Sal Literary Guild.  I know that’s a strange night for us to meet, but there was a short deadline in getting our books returned to the State library.  
The read this month was “The Last to See Me”.  It was a ghost story.  Now, I don’t do ghosts.  Do I believe in ghosts?  I believe there are a lot of unexplained things in this world.  Ghosts, I don’t know. 
It’s not the kind of book I would have voluntarily selected, but I did enjoy it until almost the end.  After reading the last three pages I was scratching my head as I no longer knew who was the ghost and who was human.  Huh!  
I was hopeful that someone in the discussion group would have the answers.  Alas, they too were scratching their heads over the same questions. 
One interesting thing is reading the short bio of the author. She lives part-time in Moab. Wonder if she is in the phone book and she can explain the ending to me.  I’m puzzled as are all in our reading group. 
Monday night was a Pie Luck Social at the community center.  This was the second annual – sort of – pie social.  I’ll explain that later.  
If you note last Monday’s date, it was March 14 or 3/14 or 3.14.  Now dig deep into your high school lessons memories to your geometry class and see it that is not a familiar number.  
It was not to me last year when this event was first scheduled.  The value 3.14 is pi.  Well, the shortened version anyway.  Some carry is out to many more numbers, but for us simple people 3.14 is the value we use for pi, if we every use pi after passing (or not) geometry class. 
Last year’s first annual pie/Pi social was called on account of snow.  Lots of snow.  Snow that only seemed to fall in La Sal.  Eighteen inches of it.  
We could only pray for a repeat but I can pretty much guarantee that did not happen.  
The social is the brainchild of Kristl Blankenagel Johnson.  I add her maiden name as they are quirky bunch and love to come up with these off-the-wall events.  
You know, they host the dynamite shoot each year.  Not only that, but Kristl married another like-minded guy, John, who is himself a bit on the quirky side.  Keeps life interested in La Sal if you come out and join the fun. 
Now, I try not to make this column into the church bulletin, but sometimes there is news on that front.  
There has been a change in leadership in the La Sal Latter Day Saint Branch Relief Society.  The above-mentioned Kristl is the new – and very excited and eager – president, with Christa Green and Gayle Behunin as counselors.  
It keeps to the old adage that if you want something done, find the busiest person around to do it for you.  That would be Kristl.  
They are already planning “all ladies of La Sal” festivities for April now the COVID restrictions have lessened.  They kept us from having Christmas parties this year and the parties were really missed. 
On Wednesday and Friday during the lunch hour, we are not hearing honking in town any more, as the seniors no longer have to “Honky Tonk” for their lunch.  
Again, COVID restrictions easing are now allowing them to get together inside for getting their lunch.  
Today, or yesterday, depending on when you read this, was the monthly food bank distribution.  There is a lost of participation in our village both from volunteers and recipients. 
This week is the local school spring break.  Though it has been wintery cold (can you say “bitter” boys and girls) there is now a hit of spring in the air.  
It seems like it has been a long winter with I know, more to come, but a nice day now and then sure is refreshing for the soul. 
It must be spring as the folks behind the local Farmer’s Market are back in action on March 26.  This is usually a daytime affair at the community center.  
Be worth the trip to see what wares and fares they have to offer.  Aw, spring, where art thou?

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