Ardith Palmer

April 24, 1940 ~ June 17, 2021

Ardie was born April 24, 1940 in Blanding, UT to James Rodney and Barbara Porter Palmer. Her early years were spent mostly in Blanding; Salt Lake City, UT; and Southern California.

At a very young age, a high fever caused her to become mentally disabled.

Ardie laughed easily, hugged often, and loved everyone. Ardie loved to color and make cards for people for their birthday, or for any reason at all.

She loved her many nieces and nephews, as well as her grandnephews and grandnieces.

She was enamored with Elvis Presley and his music.

Ardie loved children and served many years in church in the nursery for children from 1-½ to 3 years old.

She loved jigsaw puzzles, word search puzzles, and movies. She enjoyed playing dice games like Yahtzee and Farkle. Her household chores included washing dishes and vacuuming.

Ardie’s father died when Ardie was just 15 years old. For 11 years, Ardie and her mom lived with Ardie’s brother James Christopher Palmer and his family in India (1974-1978), Virginia (1978-1981), and Panama (1981-1985).

Afterwards, Ardie and her mom returned to Blanding and lived there until her mom passed away in 2005. From 2005 until 2020, Ardie lived again with her brother in his retirement home in Orem, UT.

Beginning last year, Ardie lived with her sister Jennie Morris in Blanding. Ardie enjoyed her special education programs and the friends she made there, both in Orem and in Blanding.

On June 17, 2021, Ardie died in Orem, UT at a skilled nursing facility, following an operation on a broken ankle. She was 81 years old. She will be greatly missed.

Ardie is survived by her brother James Christopher Palmer, her sister Jennie Morris, and many of her beloved nieces and nephews.

She is preceded in death by her parents, her oldest sister Bernice Deal (2009) and husband Bob Deal (1990), her older sister Carol Hendrickson (2021) and husband Neil Hendrickson (2015), and her sister-in-law Dixie Harvey Palmer (2021).

A memorial service was held in her honor Monday, June 28 in Blanding.

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