Brandy Renee Riffey March 31, 1983 ~ July 15, 2023

Brandy Renee Riffey, a loving and kind soul known for her adventurous spirit, was born in Marian, VA on March 31, 1983 and tragically left us on July 15, 2023, on the Dolores Bridge due to a motorcycle accident.
Brandy was cherished by many. Her loving spirit left a significant impact on everyone she knew and her memory will be celebrated by all who had the honor of knowing her.
Raised by her parents, Timothy and Della Riffey, and raised with her brother Steven Riffey, Brandy was a beacon of light in their lives. Her friendly personality and kind heart made her the center of their world.
Brandy’s love for her family was mirrored in the love she received from her children, Lacey, Brett, Nolan, and Makena. Her role as a mother was one she adored and she took immense pride in nurturing and guiding her children through life.
Brandy was a woman who embraced life to the fullest. Her adventurous spirit was evident in her passion for riding her Harley. The open road was her sanctuary, a place where she could feel the wind in her hair and the freedom in her heart.
Despite her love for adventure, Brandy was equally content with the simple pleasures in life. She found joy in scrapbooking, a hobby that allowed her to preserve precious memories and moments.
Known for her benevolent nature, Brandy believed in helping anyone and everyone. She was the kind of person who would lend a hand without a second thought, always ready to do anything for those in need.
Her kindness was not selective; it was a part of her, a trait that made her the wonderful person she was. Brandy was more than just a loving mother, daughter, and friend. She was a person who lived her life with purpose and passion.
Her adventurous spirit and kind heart made an indelible mark on the lives of those who knew her. Even in death, Brandy’s legacy of love, kindness, and adventure will continue to live on.
As we mourn the loss of Brandy, we also celebrate a life beautifully lived; a life filled with laughter, love, and countless memories; a life that, although cut short, was lived to the fullest.
Brandy Renee Riffey was a remarkable woman whose memory will forever be etched in the hearts of those she left behind.
She has left us too soon, but the memories she created will live on, a testament to a life lived with love, kindness, and adventure.
Brandy, you are dearly missed, but your spirit remains with us, a shining light in our lives. Rest in peace, Brandy. You now get to ride with the angels. We love you mama.

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