Colleen Wright Shinkle

May 30, 1949 ~ September 28, 2020

Colleen Wright Shinkle was born on May 30, 1949 and adopted at birth by her parents, Beth and Earl Wright.

Colleen was a vibrant and happy child and had many fond memories of times with her family and friends growing up.

Throughout her teens and twenties, she was an adventurist who spent time making friendships with everyone she came in contact with, an attribute she would continue and be well known for.

Colleen loved helping and caring for others and pursued a career as a nurse to do what she loved professionally. It was in Nursing school that she was introduced to her second husband and lifelong love, Jonathan Dee Shinkle.

They were married on March 6, 1984 and their son, Zachery Nathan, was born on January 3, 1985.

John had two children from his previous marriage, Rodney Levi Shinkle and Justin Thyme Shinkle. Colleen loved Levi and Justin like they were her own children.

Colleen spent her career as a nurse working for multiple agencies where she continued to make lifelong friends.

After the passing of her husband, her dear friendships became even more invaluable and she became even more invested in caring for those around her. She was a selfless soul who was willing to give everything of herself for the comfort of others.

Colleen was sealed for time and all eternity to her late husband John in 2008 after going through the temple with her son Zac and his wife Shaelyn.

Colleen spent her later years going with Zac and Levi to concerts of their favorite artists and traveling as often as she could. No matter the adventure she embarked on, she always became the center of the most memorable moments and loved to laugh and share all of those moments with her loved ones.

Colleen was diagnosed with Multiple System Atrophy and it was her body that gave up before her mind and family were ready to part with her, though the veil had thinned for other family to welcome her home.

She died peacefully in her sleep, surrounded by love, at the home of her son where she had been living permanently.

Colleen is preceded in death by her parents, Beth and Earl Wright; her husband Johnny Dee; her stepson, Justin; and two grandchildren Pepper and Von.

She is survived by her sons Zac (Shaelyn) and Levi (Elena), her sister (Julie), and countless other family and friends.

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