Jared Shill Randall April 3, 1956 ~ October 16, 2022

I do not want to fill up lines with his “did’s” and “do’s” of early life.
It is enough to say that as a youth he lived and acted in a manner that no man would be ashamed of.
It is the father, son, brother, cowboy, friend, and to some, a stranger that I want to proclaim.
He was what, sadly, many refer to as a dying breed. His word was his bond, no work he ever shirked, and a helping hand he would offer to any regardless of race or creed.
What a man to lose. Family, friends, and community will mourn for years to come.
But we that are here, let us fortify the foundation of this dying breed. Let us engage in long suffering with those we differ from, never withhold aid or succor from any.
Jared had true grit and grin. Work should have been his middle name.
Perhaps his heart was weakened because he spread it too thin. For far and wide he roamed.
Let us not just remember him, but act for him.
Dad, we love you. San Juan - he loved this place, the people, the hardness, and beauty.
The Randall family invites you to join them on Friday, October 21 at the Monticello North Chapel (365 North 200 West) for the funeral service at noon and graveside service at 1 p.m.
At 2 p.m., immediately following the graveside service, join the Randall’s for a memorial to honor and remember Jared’s life.
The funeral will be in-person and live streamed.
For more information on events and to share your memories of Jared, please visit https://everloved.com/life-of/jared-randall/


My heart was sad to hear this. Becky and family I want you to know you are in my heart and prayers. So many thoughts and sorrows at this time bless your family and stay close

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