Margaret Marie Anderson Mathis

January 7, 1924 ~ October 27, 2010
Marge Mathis, a 42-year resident of San Clemente, passed away in the arms of adoring family on October 27, 2010.
Marge lived a long life with the themes of service and family as a centerpiece to her days.
She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
Born in 1924 to parents Aurthur Homer Anderson and Margaret Sophia Bailey in Monticello, UT. As a child Margaret embraced the life of growing up in small town Monticello; dancing, riding horses and camping on the Blue Mountain.
This innocence was coupled with the realities of the Great Depression. Marge began working to help support her family as a youngster. Marge took this work ethic wherever she went throughout life.
She excelled in school and reading; graduating with a high school class of eight students. Upon graduating Marge set out to obtain further education.
In 1944, she graduated from the LDS Business College in Salt Lake City. She also worked as a book keeper throughout her life.
In 1947 she went on a blind date with a coal miner named Jim Mathis. She was convinced she had found her true love and decided to marry in Las Vegas at “The Wee Kirk of the Heather” that same year.
On October 23, they celebrated their 63rd wedding anniversary. In 1954, Marge and Jim moved to Glendora, CA. In 1969 job opportunity brought the family to San Clemente, where she would reside for the rest of her life.
Marge and Jim made a career building custom homes throughout San Clemente and Orange County. Marge was an avid reader. She instilled the importance of reading and education in her children.
Marge was enormously proud that four of her children graduated with bachelor degrees. Two children went on to become doctors. Nothing made her more proud than watching her children work hard, succeed, and support their own families.
Margaret Mathis served as Relief Society President five times. She made hand-crafted blankets and clothing out of crochet.
In 2006, she was the Orange County Women of the Year for Utah Daughters of Mormon Pioneers.
She is survived by her loving husband Jim Mathis, sister Loraine Winger, children James G. Mathis, Phillip C. Mathis, Dennis C. Mathis, Susan M. Hadley, and Stanley K. Mathis. She is responsible for 21 grandchildren and 14 great grand children.
She approached every day to love and serve. Her words of encouragement and direction will be missed by all who knew her. When death came Margaret was not afraid, she accepted it. She left this world when she was ready, with dignity and harmony of mind and heart. We love her and will always remember the life she gave us.

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