Michael Thomas Flavel

January 19, 1991 ~ April 11, 2021

Michael Thomas Flavel returned to the arms of his Heavenly Parents on April 11, 2021.

He was born January 19, 1991. His siblings were Christopher, Mandy, and Skyann. Over the next six years, Michael got three more little sisters – Felicia, Natalie, and Kelsey.

Baby brother Randall joined the family several years later. There were many cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents who influenced his life for good.

Michael grew up happy, playing baseball, basketball, wrestling, hiking, and camping, he spent many hours working through the scouting program.  He especially loved Dedication Hill.

“That hill has got to be the best place on earth,” He said. “It was there I felt what I remember is the best feeling in the world.”

Michael spent many hours working with his family and their animals.  He had no fear to get done what needed to be done for their care and well-being.

Michael had good friends and they worked hard on the cross country team, band, drama, riding horses, and fair projects.  He was a good student.  

After high school he went to Oklahoma for National Guard training. After Christmas he returned for AIT (Advanced Individual Training).

He really loved being challenged physically, getting prepared to serve his country.  In March 2010 he left for a proselyting mission in the Philippines, Tacloban Mission.

He was learning the language of Waray. “It is the hardest thing I have done in my life, but I love it,” he said. His feet started bothering him in the fall.

He came home to “get his feet better” so he could finish his mission. He went through several years of procedures, surgeries, doctors, and physical therapy only to be discouraged again and again.  

Michael lived in Logan, UT and he worked at Cal-Ranch. He returned to Blanding where he worked at Napa and in property management jobs from Moab to Montezuma Creek. He had some great mentors, friends, and associates that he loved and respected.  

He loved his dogs. They were his kids. Especially “Red,” the dog from the pound. His six nieces and nephews were his other “kids.” He loved them very much. He was always happy around them.

He loved to lift weights and anything else he could do to get his body to be happier.

He headed into the year of COVID-19 with no fear.  He raised 30 baby chicks, 15 baby turkeys, six pigs, bunnies, goldfish, and goats.

These things were a good distraction from his pain. He worked as hard as his body could.  

His passing has been such a bitter-sweet thing. His family knows he is in a much better place and relieved of his pain. However, we will miss him in our lives and hope we can each do “the best we can” here until we meet him in the future.

Card of thanks
There are no words that can adequately express our thanks for the love, kindness, hugs and generosity that has been shown to our family. We are so grateful and will be indebted for the rest of our lives.  

Brent & Susan Flavel
Trenna Oswald
Chris & Shari Flavel
Mandy & Thomas Wigginton
Skyann & Ryan Palmer
Felicia Flavel
Natalie & Brandon Langan
Kelsey Flavel
Elder Randall Flavel

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