Nick Patel

August 25, 1955 - March 2, 2015
Nick Patel was born and raised on the island of Fiji in the South Pacific. He and his wife Rama moved to Monticello, Utah in 1982. Nick was determined to build a life in America where his children could have all the opportunities this great country has to offer. The Patel’s worked hard, save their money and built businesses in Monticello and other communities throughout the United States.
Nick had a presence about him, he was always happy. Always willing to give to others and would make life-long friends everywhere he went.
Nick’s love for Monticello and the people in it was evident if you ever spoke to him. He was always willing to help anyone in need, even if he didn’t know them. Nick also knew that the people in this community reached out to him and were always there for him and his family. This act alone drove him to help others. He taught his kids to “always be willing to give of your time and resources... because so many have done the same for our little family.”
Nick continued his support for Monticello High School long after his children graduated. He was given the Melvin Jones Fellow Award for his dedicated Humanitarian Services from the International Lions Club Foundation, Monticello Citizen of the Year Award, multiple D.A.R.E awards for his support, The Outstanding Service Award for Monticello High School, A Service award for Monticello Football and Monticello Wrestling, A Hospitality and Dedication To The Recruiting Force of the Utah Army National Guard Award, and many more well earned honors for his work throughout the community.
After death, Nick’s wishes were always to be cremated in a Hindu Temple and have his ashes spread across the Narmda River in India. Due to this and respecting Nicks wishes, there will not be a service held here in the States. However, Nick’s wife, Rama states that Monticello is her home and “I find the most peace and comfort in this wonderful town.”
Nick’s love for his two kids, Hetal and Deepash, was very evident when you spoke with him. They were his pride and joy. His children would like to thank the community for the love and support that has been given to the Patel family for over three decades. They would also like to thank all those who have reached out to their mother Rama. They know their father has peace knowing that the community of Monticello will take care of his dear sweet wife during this difficult time.
Nick Patel had a big impact on many during his short time here on earth. He showed by example that hard work, reaching out, serving, giving of your time, love of family, love of friends, love of your religion whatever it may be, and never forgetting where you came from is what life is about. We will miss you Nick!

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