Phil Jameson

September 10, 1936 ~ May 9, 2013
Phil Jameson fell asleep on May 8 and kept sleeping. When his wife of 48 years, Deanna, went to wake him on Thursday, May 9, he looked so peaceful. It was a blessing to see him peaceful after his recent struggles with Parkinson's disease.
I can say this with an open heart as his child. The past few days I, Tracey, along with my mom, older brother, Mark, and younger sister, Debbie and her husband Kurt, and their son Cooper, have had the opportunity to look back on the many things dad has been to us.
You know how it is; we've been sitting around the table with coffee and tissues, alternately laughing and crying about remembrances.
The stories of his life that are part of ours but also so different than ours. I always knew he loved to golf and bowl, and was pretty darn good at it, but I didn't know that he was a champion with a Yo-Yo!
Dad was born in Moab, UT on September 10, 1936. When he was young, his parents Susan and Alexander Jameson, older brother Keith, and younger sisters Gwen and Annette, moved to various cities within Utah, finally settling in Monticello. Here he graduated from Monticello High School in 1954 as student body president.
After high school he joined the Army National Guard. He went on to college and graduated from Brigham Young University in 1959 with a BS in Chemistry.
He moved to Golden, CO to work at the Colorado School of Mines Research Institute. During this time, he was called at the convenience of the government to the US Army during the Berlin crisis. While in Golden, he met my mom and both of their lives changed.
The were married on January 30, 1965, and settled in for a life in Colorado. After the birth of their second child, they moved to the chemist's dream state of New Jersey. After settling in Hillsborough, their third child was born. A family complete.
He worked for the Engelhard Corporation and earned five different patents on processes for them. He was there until his retirement in 1995. In between living that life, was the life I shared with him.
The camping trips, driving cross country, laughing in the dining room, fixing things in the house, playing cards at Trimmer’s, boy scouts with my brother, (who, by the way, thanks dad for the Eagle Scout award they earned together) my sister’r softball games, the ice cream stops, the Disney World trips and the special times when we got to hear him sing in his beautiful baritone voice.
The joy you could see in Dad when we played our own brand of kickball with his grandson, and just got to hold Cooper's hand.
This is the life I shared with my dad, or rather, he shared with me. Dad's final resting place will be in Somerville, New Jersey, surrounded by the life he created.
Thanks so much for sharing it with me, Dad. I will love you every moment for the rest of my life.

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