Stephen "Steve" Cannon December 1, 1950 ~ February 25, 2024

Stephen “Steve” Cannon, a man known for his quick wit and even quicker smile, departed this world on February 25, 2024, leaving behind a legacy of laughter and learning. Born in Los Angeles, CA, on December 1, 1950,
Steve was a bright light from the start, illuminating the lives of everyone around him with his friendly demeanor and intelligent conversations that could jump from the merits of a well-placed comma to the intricacies of a Hail Mary pass.
Steve’s early years were spent in the disciplined halls of Penn Military Academy in Hesperia, California, where he likely learned that a well-timed joke could defuse even the sternest drill sergeant’s glare.
His love for education took him to Brigham Young University, where he studied Elementary Education and probably realized that herding cats was easier than teaching children, but he loved every minute of it, earning his bachelor’s degree with the same passion he would later pour into every endeavor.
For four years, Steve shaped young minds as an elementary school teacher, possibly teaching them the importance of a good pun alongside their ABCs.
He then embarked on a 30-year journey with the United States Postal Service, where he became the Post Master for Bluff and La Sal post offices.
It’s rumored that under his tenure, not a single birthday card arrived late, and every postcard felt a little funnier, just knowing Steve had handled it.
Steve’s family life was as rich and joyful as his career. He was the son of Robert Lee Cannon and Beulah Louise Overell, the caring husband of Dorothy Cannon, and the proud father of Stephanie Harrison and Jessie Pennington.
His sons-in-law, Miles Harrison and Grant Pennington, were more like his partners in crime, while his grandchildren Crew, Sloan, Grey, Nohl, Miley, and Miracle knew him as the grandpa who could always be counted on for a story that made them giggle.
His interests were as eclectic as his sense of humor. Steve enjoyed sports, but not just watching them—no, he would provide a running commentary that could have given professional announcers a run for their money.
His photography captured the beauty of the community in which he lived, each picture worth a thousand words. And his love for music and books was legendary; he could croon a Beatles tune and then, without missing a beat, quote any book, leaving you wondering how one man could contain so much cool.
Steve was creative in every sense of the word. Whether he was playing one of his many instruments with the Bar M on a random weekend or penning a funny pun, he infused his work with originality and flair. His community felt his impact deeply, as he was always ready to lend a hand or a joke, whichever was needed more.
To say Steve was merely friendly would be an understatement; he was the guy who knew your name after meeting you once and remembered your favorite joke the next time you crossed paths. His intelligence wasn’t just book-smart; it was people-smart, heart-smart, and, when it came to knowledge on most topics, just plain unbeatable.
As we celebrate the life of Stephen Cannon, we do so with a smile, because that’s how he would’ve wanted it. He taught us that a day without laughter is a day wasted, and thanks to him, there were very few wasted days. Steve’s departure was in Monticello, UT, a place as beautiful and serene as the joy he spread throughout his 73 years.
So here’s to Steve—a man who served and loved with everything he had. In a world that can often be too serious, he was a reminder that life is best served with a side of humor.
And though he may have signed off on his final post, the stories, the memories, and the punchlines he left behind will ensure that Stephen “Steve” Cannon’s legacy will forever be delivered first-class.
The family would like to thank everyone who has shown their love and support during this time. 
A celebration of Steve’s life will be held at the Monticello LDS Stake Center, 165 S. Main Street on April 20 at 10 a.m. 

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