Wayne Monroe Brown

November 22, 1949 ~ June 22, 2015
Wayne Monroe Brown was born on November 22, 1949 to Harlan and Verle Brown. He died June 22, 2015.
Early on, Wayne was an independent spirit, at times, preferring nature to crowded buildings.
He was a man of simple yet wide ranged joys, living his faith through his work and play.
Wayne’s hard work and generous nature conveyed both his love for God and his love for life.
Growing up, Wayne loved to play and listen to baseball on his transistor radio. He inherited his mother’s arm for accuracy and speed, which was also useful in winter snowball fights. He was an excellent piano player, accordion player, speaker and singer.
Wayne’s passion was for helping people. His passion for life filled every aspect of his being from his words to his actions.
His character and personality always inspired those around him to do better.
Even when he was diagnosed with cancer, he could only find one regret: that he wasn’t able to help more people.
It is impossible to touch on all of the memories and deeds of a full life, and Wayne lived life to its fullest. Son, brother, friend, helper; he left footprints on every life he touched.
Wayne was preceded in death by his parents and sister Mary Ann. He is survived by his two brothers David (Robin) Brown of Washington and Marvin of Australia; sisters Esther of Washington, Naomi (Henry) of California, and Martha (Richard) Garner of Monticello; and numerous nieces and nephews.
Memorial services were held June 26, 2015 at the Community Church in Monticello. The family wishes to thank all those who shared memories and gave support during this time of loss.

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