Battling the Blue or Purple Mustard weed

Blue or Purple Mustard is a weed that seems to be growing on every piece of property in San Juan County.
San Juan County Weed Supervisor Monty Perkins says there are several things that can be done to help control the weed.
This weed is a winter annual that sprouts in the fall and flowers in the spring. It reproduces by seed so there may be the same problem next year.
Control methods and the effect they will have on the weed include: 
Mechanical:  Cultivation is probably the best method.  Dig, hoe, or pull young plants. Mowing during early flowering reduces seed production. 
Cultural:  Plant desirable vegetation to help suppress it. 
Chemical:  Broadleaf selective herbicides, such as  2,4-D + dicamba, in the early spring.
Milestone will also damage the plant, but Perkins wouldn`t suggest using either of these herbicides if you plan to plant on the same property.
They both will leave a residual for up to a year and maybe longer in some cases.
Glyphosate is probably the best to use on this weed, but be careful as glyphosate is non selective and will damage whatever it comes in contact with. 
Read the label when using any herbicide.
If you have any questions, please contact Perkins at 435-587-3223 or 435-459-1813.

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