Free fishing day is the perfect time for new anglers to get hooked

If you’d like to introduce someone to fishing or you’d like to give fishing a try but don’t have a fishing license, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (DWR) Free Fishing Day is the perfect opportunity.
The annual event is this Saturday, June 8, and allows anyone to fish at any public waterbody in Utah without a license. It makes for a great family activity, and it’s the perfect time to introduce your kids to fishing and get them outdoors.
It’s also a good opportunity for beginning anglers to give fishing a try and a fun time for experienced anglers too.
“Because you don’t need a license to fish that day, it’s the perfect time to take someone fishing with you and introduce them to the sport,” Randy Oplinger, DWR sport fisheries coordinator, said.
“And early June is one of the best times to fish in Utah. All of the fish in the state, both warmwater and coldwater fish, are active and willing to bite this time of the year.”
Although San Juan County is fairly distant from the DWR-sponsored fishing events that will take place on Saturday, if you can locate some gear, there are plenty of local fish to catch.
This spring the DWR stocked Loyds Lake, Monticello Lake, Foy Lake, and Blanding Reservoir No. 4 with almost 10,000 Rainbow Trout combined.
Recapture Reservoir is the only public body of water in the county that hasn’t been stocked by the state this year, but you’re still likely to catch plenty of catfish, bluegill, sunfish, bass, and pike there.
The DWR recently launched a new interactive fishing map online. It offers in-depth details, condition reports, ratings, and more for lakes in San Juan County and throughout the state.
Although you don’t need a license to fish on June 8, all other Utah fishing rules will be in effect. A license is required to fish every day of the year besides June 8.
You can find the 2019 Utah Fishing Guidebook, the new fishing map, info on fishing licenses, and more online at

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