Halls Crossing Boat Ramp Reopens Lake Powell access to San Juan County

For the first time in nearly two years Halls Crossing Boat Ramp is open again to vessels of all sizes.
Halls Crossing, the lone motorized launch point in San Juan County, was closed due to low lake levels on July 21, 2021. After years of extended drought an historic winter has brought in enough spring runoff to reopen Halls Crossing Boat Ramp.
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area, which manages Lake Powell, made the announcement on June 2.
In an April release the National Parks Service estimated Halls Crossing would reopen at 3,556 feet, lake levels are 3,567 feet as of last report.
While Halls Crossing is open the Utah Department of Transportation will not reopen Charles Hall Ferry in 2023. Drivers will need to utilize Utah State Routes 276 and 95 to travel between Bullfrog and Halls Crossing.
Glen Canyon National Recreation Area provided additional information in their June 2 release included below:
A courtesy dock is available at the ramp. To reduce congestion, boaters are asked to please limit use of the courtesy dock to 10 minutes or less. All launch and retrieval of vessels is at your own risk.  A wakeless zone is marked with buoys and signs alerting boaters to the requirement to travel at wakeless speed. The Halls Crossing Marina is located in San Juan County, Utah and is accessed via Utah Highway 276. Visitor services include a boat ramp comfort station and campground with family units. The Marina Office is open. The boat pumpout, boat fuel dock, Village Store and snack bar are closed but land-based pay-at-the pump gas is open 24 hours. The closest alternative boat fuel dock and pumpout are located at the Bullfrog Marina. The Halls Crossing Marina is located on Lake Powell, about 95 (153 km) miles upstream from Glen Canyon Dam, directly across the lake from the Bullfrog Marina.  
Midlake fuel is unavailable. Due to low lake levels the Dangling Rope Marina closed in 2022 and dilapidated structures have been removed. We continue to seek funds to explore new options for mid-lake essential services. Dangling Rope Marina had been the only place to obtain boat fuel between Wahweap and the Bullfrog/Halls Crossing area, a distance of approximately 100 miles. Boaters should plan ahead for their needs. For boaters averaging 20 to 25 MPH, the trip to Bullfrog from Wahweap takes at least four to five hours. Boat fuel is available at Wahweap, Antelope Point, and Bullfrog Marinas.
Due to many dynamic factors affecting Lake Powell’s water elevations, it is not possible to know when a specific water level will be reached. The park is monitoring changing water levels and when conditions allow will adjust visitor services. Check the park’s Changing Lake Levels webpage for the status of lake levels and all Lake Powell boat ramps, prior to heading to the lake. (Information is available 24/7 at nps.gov/glca Lake Powell’s daily elevations are also posted on waterdata.usgs.gov.
Use caution when anchoring your vessel or parking your vehicle, since during spring runoff lake levels can rise up to two feet per day and result in rapid changes to the shoreline.
Property left near the shoreline can quickly become submerged in mud and/or water. Depending on the grade of land, a foot of water rising vertically will cover approximately 30 to 50 feet of land horizontally. Visitors should park 300 to 400 feet away from water.
Always approach the shore with caution and watch for shallows and submerged debris. Due to spring runoff, boat operators need to use extreme caution while navigating the lake, as large debris is present above Halls Crossing.

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