Safety Guidelines During Lake Powell’s Spring Runoff

Glen Canyon National Recreation Area is pleased to announce that snowpack in the headwaters of the Colorado River and its tributaries is resulting in a spring runoff that is positively affecting Lake Powell water levels for the 2024 summer boating season. Rapidly rising water levels in Lake Powell also require increased attention to important safety measures.
Use caution when anchoring your vessel or parking your vehicle, since during spring runoff lake levels can rise up to two feet per day and result in rapid changes to the shoreline. Property left near the shoreline can quickly become submerged in mud and/or water. Depending on the grade of land, a foot of water rising vertically will cover approximately 30 to 50 feet of land horizontally. Visitors should park 300 to 400 feet away from water’s edge, as a week-long visitor’s vehicle could be inundated (depending on the inflow of water and location). While boating, always approach the shore with caution and watch for shallows and submerged debris. Boat operators need to use extreme caution while navigating the lake, as large debris may be present. Boaters are advised to follow the main channel buoys which mark good water. Crossing over may result in accidents due to water barely covering shelves, such as at Buoy 94 near Stanton Creek. Additional safety information can be found at: Safety - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service) ( 
 Please be aware that due to many dynamic factors affecting Lake Powell’s water elevations, it is not possible to know when a specific water level will be reached. Please be sure to check the park’s Changing Lake Levels webpage for the status of lake levels and Lake Powell boat ramps and marina services, prior to heading to the lake:  As of June 5, Lake Powell’s elevation was 3571.83 feet Above Sea Level (ASL). Lake Powell’s daily elevations are also posted at: LAKE POWELL AT GLEN CANYON DAM, AZ - USGS Water Data for the Nation and
 A safe and enjoyable park experience begins with planning. Visitors are encouraged to educate themselves on current alerts and conditions: Alerts & Conditions - Glen Canyon National Recreation Area (U.S. National Park Service) ( The park wishes everyone an enjoyable and safe boating experience during the summer of 2024!  
More park information is available on each park’s website: Glen Canyon National Recreation Area or Rainbow Bridge National Monument.

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