Phil Lyman

Candidate for San Juan County Commission
I appreciate this opportunity to address the citizens regarding the upcoming election. It has been an honor for me to serve as County Commissioner for the past four years.
San Juan County is truly a special place. When I and my wife, Jody, and our one child moved back to Blanding, we did not expect to stay long. As fate would have it, here we are 25 years, four more kids, and one beautiful granddaughter later. We are blessed!
As a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) in private practice, I value the relationships I have developed.
Part of the responsibility that comes with being a CPA is to protect the public interest and to help the public understand complex financial issues. No other profession has, as part of its code of ethics, a mandate to act in the best interest of the public.
In truth, that professional mandate matches my own personal conviction to build up our communities, to help where I can, and to stand up for what I believe is right.
The biggest threat we face as a County is a Federal Government whose spending is out of control. Yet we continue to watch as productive industries are regulated out of business and productive public land is locked up.
Roads and trails are the veins and arteries of our communities. In the 2008 BLM Travel plan, overnight we lost legal access to a large number of roads and the vast majority of our trails.
We have continued to use them and BLM has been slow to enforce their closures, but that will not be the case for long. If we do nothing now, it will be even more difficult to anything later.
I believe that we need to stand our ground. I have tried to do that for the County and, given the opportunity, I will continue to do so. San Juan County has a bright future, if we will pursue the course that leads to it. 
Thank you for your vote!

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