Public Lands Committee finalizes recommendation

by Roma Young
The San Juan County Public Lands Council has made a recommendation on the proposed Public Lands Act to the San Juan County Commission. Preliminary details of the recommendation were presented to Commissioners at the June 16 commission work meeting.
County Planner Nick Sandberg reported that at a June 15 meeting of the San Juan Public Lands Council, the group found common ground with a huge compromise. Most members of the lands council agreed to support a modified Alternative B proposal.
A representative from the office of Congressman Jason Chaffetz attended the meeting, which was held in Bluff.
Sandberg had penciled in the new proposal, so the commission could have a visual and will have a map produced with the modified proposal.
Commissioners will use the recommendation to make a final proposal for the Bishop Public Lands Bill, which is an attempt by Congress to address public lands issues in several areas of Utah, including San Juan County.
A map of the recommendation can be found at the San Juan County website at .
In other business at the June 16 work meeting, Steven Benally, Service Coordinator for the Teec Nos Pos Chapter, sought clarification which he could then pass on to the chapter members. The clarification Benally sought is whether funds allocated to Teec Nos Pos are to be used for Utah residents only or if they are to be used by the whole community.
Senior Services Director Tammy Gallegos helped with some details about the allocations. For example, she said that funds for senior services, such as rides, utility payments, etc. for the senior center in Teec Nos Pos, are to be used to benefit the community not just the Utah residents. It is to support the community and bring it together.
County Treasurer Glenis Pearson, along with Brian Moore and Scott Burnett of Zions Bank Wealth Management, reported on the county investment portfolio. Pearson has monthly reports available at all times, but this was a more comprehensive reporting to show the overall picture.
Commissioners suggested that other county funds may be invested and authorized Pearson to make changes. The presentation was well received, as the accounts are easily identifiable and distinct.
Walter Bird, representing County Planning and Zoning, presented a new Land Use Development Management Act (LUDMA) plan to the commission. The Planning and Zoning Commission (P&Z) has been working on a new plan for more than two years. The current plan was adopted in 2005.
The approach of the P&Z group has been to develop a plan that works for San Juan County and is compliant with state law at the same time.
The commission will review the plan in a future meeting, send it back with any changes they may desire, and request a final draft. After the final draft is complete, a public hearing will be held before any changes to the ordinance are adopted.
Worthy Glover Jr., the director of San Juan Public Health, requested a $1,000 membership fee for the Association of Local Health Boards. Commissioners approved the fee for this year with the understanding that Glover will have an opportunity to “find out for himself” if it is beneficial.
Sheriff Rick Eldredge brought an annual contract with the state to provide bailiff services for court. Commission Chairman Phil Lyman signed the contract.
The sheriff also requested the commission consider using Lexipol for training and personnel policies specific to corrections officers. The program is used by many law enforcement agencies in the state. Eldredge first became acquainted with Lexipol with his employment with the Highway Patrol.
The Lexipol program is used by the County Road Deputies. Eldredge said that it helped them stay current, as there is always training offered through the online program. The purchase price is $6,386. Commissioners suggested that they will make a decision on the request in a future meeting.

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