Rebecca M Benally

Candidate for San Juan County Commission
As a leader in any capacity, we work for the people to help make a better society for our future generations; and in working for the people you have to be a good listener. To be a good leader, you have to be a great servant for the people.
These were the teachings of my late grandfather when he was a Navajo leader. I plan to follow these teachings of leadership, leadership for all people.
Ya’at’eeh, shi k’ei dóó shi dine’é (Hello, my people). Shi ei Kinyaa’anii nishłí (I am of the Towering House People). Tó ahaadlíinii bashishchiin (I am born for the people of Where the Water Meets).
Táchii’nii dashí chei (My maternal grandfather is of the Red Streak People). Tł’izí dal chi’í dashí nalí (My paternal grandfather is of the Red Goat People).
My name is Rebecca M. Benally, and I am running for County Commissioner for San Juan County, District 3 (precincts include Aneth, Bluff, Mexican Hat-covering Douglas Mesa, Montezuma Creek, and Red Mesa in Utah).
I will integrate Diné traditional and culturally appropriate leadership skills. Once elected into office, I will advocate and have a voice for all citizens of San Juan County.
As a leader of the people, I will start at the grassroots level. The grassroots level, or as I like to sometimes call the “hogan/home level,” is where the heart of people’s concerns, issues, and needs are located.
In working with people at the grassroots level with strategic planning, we can make constructive improvements within our county. An action plan needs to be developed with input from the home level.
I will prioritize issues and needs of residents, while problem-solving current issues. I plan to assist in bringing a stronger sense of unity among all people in San Juan County.
I will continue to support the youth, elders, veterans, educational equity, and community leaders, to work in collaboration. 100 percent of my time will be dedicated towards working and advocating for our San Juan County residents.
Positive change is essential in moving towards improvement. I would like to see a collaborative effort in forming a strategic community plan among District 3 communities.
I would like to see the efforts of our hard working residents of our county who contribute to enhancing our society, highlighted.
The importance of education is vital in understanding current laws, resolutions, and governmental procedures, especially as a leader. It is important to have a strong educational background in Navajo culture, especially in this 21st century where a college degree is necessary to make appropriate decisions for everyone.
I am a product of San Juan County’s educational school systems; a high school graduate of Monticello High School of San Juan School District, and I received my two-year college degree at then-College of Eastern Utah, Blanding.
I hold a bachelor’s degree from Fort Lewis College and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership from Brigham Young University. Currently, I have a Doctorate of Education, All But Dissertation.
My motivation and educational experience have allowed me the opportunity to work in several capacities. I worked in the educational field for over 20 years as a teacher, school principal, and at the college administration level.
As part of my personal effort to advocate for education, my civic duties included serving on the San Juan County Mental Health Board, San Juan Blue Ribbon Committee, Navajo Nation Board of Education, Navajo Nation Advisory Council for People with Disabilities, American Indian Higher Education Consortium, National Congress of American Indians, National Associations of Elementary School Principals, National Indian Education Association, and Tribal College Committee.
A family effort has developed over the years into what is now the Benally Family Literacy is Empowering Project, where we deliver books to Native American families in the four corners area. We encourage families to incorporate strong literacy skills in their homes.
In my advancement to the general elections ballot, I send a friendly reminder to register to vote! I would like to thank all those who continue to support and have faith in what I stand for as a leader.
Rebecca M. Benally

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