Rick Eldredge

Candidate for San Juan County Sheriff
Serving as your Sheriff, over the last four years, has been my humble pleasure. I set out to accomplish specific goals that were mentioned in my campaign in 2010 and with the overwhelming support of amazing Deputies and Staff, these goals and visions are now realities. Here are but a few of their accomplishments.
Opening Doors through Cooperation - We cannot achieve progress and success alone. The county has adopted local police departments into our law enforcement technology software system which now allows the sharing of information, better communication, and cooperation in solving crime. The task force has been expanded into a Major Crimes Task Force.
This allows more funding and manpower to be dedicated towards drug crimes, sexual assaults, thefts and burglaries. Within the jail, the SOTP program has been doubled thus giving greater education to offenders. This program is operated by some of the best therapists in the state and is proven to reduce recidivism of sex offenders.
Public Safety- Good law enforcement includes crime prevention and preparedness. Deputies train and work with other agencies to ensure unity and progress within all the ranks of law enforcement.
This is being accomplished through monthly training and updated policy and procedures. Deputies must have a minimum of 40 hours a year to maintain both their certification and sharpness in their chosen profession. However, they receive at least double that amount. We also continue to have dedicated and talented Search and Rescue Volunteers through hands-on leadership, training and technology.
Cross Deputation – Crime on the Navajo and Ute Reservations not only hurts our fellow Native American citizens, it hurts all citizens in the County because crime has no boundaries. Deputies are now cross deputized thus assisting Navajo Nation and BIA Police with calls of service multiple times a week.
Fiscal Responsibility –The Sheriff’s Office has never gone over budget and will continue to be managed in a responsible and effective manner.
Federal Intrusion – I have and will continue to fight against federal law enforcement expansion in San Juan County. Federal Law Enforcement Rangers on public lands duplicate the job of a Deputy Sheriff. This is a waste to our federal tax dollars but more importantly, citizens are better protected by the Sheriff and his Deputies of whom they trust and hold accountable.
Dedicated to Our Youth- Deputies are found in the schools teaching D.A.R.E, safety seminars and career fairs. We are proactive in bringing lifesaving information to our kids. As role models, we hold ourselves accountable, both professionally and privately.
In conclusion, I pledge that my second term as the San Juan County Sheriff will continue with a positive vision of success. I also want to mention once again, all the dedicated Deputies and Staff that work for the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. These men and women literally put their lives on the line for you, me, and every person living in or visiting the County. These are dedicated professionals that keep your safety and trust as their priorities. God bless them and you! Thanks for your support.

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