Hwy 211 reopens from Church Rock to Needles after flooding damage

State Route 211 is reopened after flooding destroyed and closed part of the road in mid-August.
State Route 211 connects Highway 191 to the Needles District of Canyonlands National Park.
Intense rain storms on August 14 resulted in flash flooding alongside the road. UDOT officials reported that the road acted as a dam with water running alongside the road for several miles resulting in the undercutting of the road with asphalt breaking off in pieces.
The road was closed between Highway 191 and the Hearts Draw intersection from August 14 to September 26.
The result of the flooding saw cut ditches running alongside the road grow from just about two feet in depth to twenty feet and several feet wide.
UDOT has worked to refill the undercutting since mid-August. As a result, the road reopened on September 26, although the striping of the road is still being completed.
The flooding brought significant damage to Glamping Canyonlands, but the business has been able to recover thanks in large part to generous community volunteers.
Access to Newspaper Rock, the Indian Creek climbing area, and the Needles District remained available via County Road 101, also known as Hearts Draw Road. The road connects the area to Monticello over the Abajo mountains.

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