Republican Primary Candidates for San Juan Commission District One

Candidate profiles for Republican candidates for San Juan County Commission District One. Utah Primary Election Day is June 25


Lori Maughan is a proud native of San Juan County. She is driven by a profound connection to the land and a rich agricultural heritage. Raised in the heart of this county, Lori, alongside her husband has nurtured a family of four children, while embodying the values that define the spirit of San Juan County.
Lori has been a contributor to the private sector as she and her husband have operated a small business in their local communities. As a proactive business owner, she has established a deep connection to the economic fabric of San Juan County.
Lori is not just a candidate. She is a proven and dedicated community leader. She has been committed to public service, as she is currently serving her eighth year on the San Juan School District Board of Education.
Her advocacy for leadership will help to address county issues with regards to protecting agricultural interests, unlawful government oversight and fiscal responsibility. She is ready to bring her experience and leadership to San Juan County as a dedicated community leader.


Erik Merlin Grover is running for San Juan County Commissioner in the District One.
As a life-long resident of San Juan County, Erik has decided to throw his hat into the political arena. He believes he can best represent the people of San Juan in a fair and common-sense manner.
Erik, a 5th Generation descendent of San Juan pioneers, has been married to his lifelong sweetheart Janalee Brown Grover for 35 years. They have four daughters and eight precious grandchildren. 
Through the years Erik has worked in a variety of occupations, ranching, mining, law enforcement, school transportation, and currently fuel delivery business (for the last 25 years.)
He feels this has given him valuable insight in understanding the different challenges of job opportunities in San Juan County’s unique cultures and history. 
He believes in community service and has had many opportunities to serve in private, church, and civic positions. He currently serves on the Blanding City Council, with over nine years experience.
He understands the complexity and challenges of working with local government and has good interaction with the public.
Erik feels careful fiscal management, responsibility, and accountability to the taxpayers is essential and will earnestly strive to do just that.
He believes that encouraging and planning for current future economic growth opportunities is essential to help attract sustainable businesses. 
San Juan County is an amazing and beautiful place. Erik believes that continued access to public lands is key for recreational and industrial opportunities.
He is very familiar with the county and understands the issues and needs of its citizens.
Erik Grover is asking for your support in voting for him as the next San Juan County Commissioner and hopes you will consider him for this important public office.


People have asked,” Why are you running for San Juan County Commissioner?”
To serve others, to use my life experiences to help guide this County. I have been attending most of the Commission meetings for the last six years to keep myself informed. I know the issues that are present.
We have seen the results of poor leadership. Commissioners who served outside interests over our citizens.
So, why should you vote for me? I have 14 years of public service leadership as Mayor of Monticello and City Councilman.
During that entire time I also served on the Board of Southeast Utah Assoc. of Local Governments(SEUALG) with SJC Commissioners Bill Redd, Lynn Stevens, and Bruce Adams, as well as those of Grand, Carbon and Emery Counties.
I was able to get to know the challenges facing our four counties, where to find help and solutions to problems. You get to meet people from Congress, Federal, State and local agencies that can help.
I also served on the San Juan Health Services Board overseeing San Juan Hospital and Clinics. This was at a time of much concern about issues relating to both Blanding and Monticello having and needing our Hospitals.
I feel that my service on that Board has helped me to realize there can be solutions to problems that can benefit everyone,
I also have extensive business experience in the Food Industry, owned and operated Blue Mountain Foods for 30 years. Served on the Board of the Utah Food Industry Association.
There are many issues that concern me, that affect all of us. I would like to address some:
Roads from the State line to I-15. Some 20 years ago at a SEUALG meeting in Price, the Board was pushing for a four-lane highway. UDOT planning officials were there telling us about the passing lanes they were proposing. When pressed for a safe four-lane they said not to expect one until the year 2028. We have more passing lanes, but we still are not close to having a four-lane. Need to push hard to get this done. Trucks, recreation and overall traffic has increased greatly in 20 years.
Public Lands. Federal overreach such as Bears Ears NM. Public access for all, not just the backpacker. Protect grazing rights, oil,gas and uranium development. Road closures & right of way restrictions are hurting our economy and way of life.
Private Lands Issues such as the Gunnison Sage Grouse that threaten much of our farm lands. Jobs and the Economy We must not be a stumbling block, but continue to explore all avenues to develop a strong economy. Continue the county’s work for affordable housing.
I believe you will find me as the candidate who has the leadership experience,who has the time, who will never waiver in their commitment to do what is best for all citizens of San Juan County and who will work hard for your well being.
Please vote for Doug Allen for Commissioner- Contact me at 435-979-3090 Thank you!

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