Sheriff Candidate: Al James Whitehorse

My name is Al James Whitehorse and I am running for San Juan County Sheriff.
I have been married for 33 years with three adult children and four beautiful granddaughters.
I was born and raised in San Juan County. I am also an alum of the University of Utah.
After 32 years in public safety, I retired from the State of Utah, having served as a supervisor in the office of Adult Probation and Parole.
My educational background and experience are well suited for the position as your Sheriff.
While working for Adult Probation and Parole, I worked closely with district court judges, county attorney offices, defense attorneys, and law enforcement agencies and their leadership, at all levels of municipality in San Juan and Grand County.
This included federal law enforcement agencies and tribal law enforcement agencies. In addition to being a certified police officer, I received a special deputization as a United States Marshal.
My desire is to make the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office the finest and unrivaled department. The citizens of San Juan County should expect nothing less from that office.
I am honored to call Sheriff Torgerson and former Sheriff Rick Eldredge my friends. My frequent interactions with them enabled me to listen to and significantly learn from the instruction they gave regarding all aspects of that position.
Addressing mental health in the criminal justice system is a significant focus of my platform. This requires more action than just being mentioned during a campaign.
My experience includes working with drug court committees in both San Juan County and Grand County since their establishment. Thus, I have worked with different mental health and substance abuse treatment providers.
Currently, my employment with the Utah Navajo Health Systems in Behavioral Health enables me to work with at-risk youth and young adults, who suffer serious emotional or mental health illnesses. 
I recently completed training as an instructor in Prime for Life and Prime Solutions, both are Utah state-approved classes for substance abuse and mental health.
I will take action toward improving the mental health issues in the criminal justice system as your Sheriff.
Galvanizing San Juan County is another substantial focus of my platform. Excessive divisiveness has been infecting our county.
The citizens of San Juan County share this concern with me. I have heard this from you and from all political parties and all different races, whether White, Native, Hispanic, etc.
Please know that everyone matters to me. Outside influences and political parties have no influence with me, which is why I have always worked well with everyone.
My friendship and service have no bounds. This was how I was raised and taught.
I desire to provide the optimum service in our community as your Sheriff in the San Juan County Sheriff’s Office. This is my home and your home, and I want the best for all of us.
Thank you all for this opportunity to serve you, and your vote on November 8th is very much appreciated.

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