Sean D. Reyes

Sean D. Reyes has served as Utah’s top attorney and law enforcement officer since 2013. Working long hours, traveling up and down the State, he has given voice and support to San Juan and other rural counties.

Reyes courageously protects Utah children, families and businesses from violent predators, sex offenders, drug dealers and child pornographers and expanded Children’s Justice Centers to fight child abuse. He is Utah’s top leader combatting health threats like opioid deaths, suicide and teen vaping.

AG Reyes defends Utahns from frauds, Ponzi schemes and Elder Abuse. He protects our personal data and privacy from hackers/ID thieves. He advocates for military veterans and law enforcement, receiving endorsements from military officers, enlisted and the Fraternal Order of Police. He is the only candidate in the AG race endorsed by Sheriffs, Police Chiefs and County Attorneys across Utah. They know he is aggressive prosecuting dangerous criminals but helping addicts and non-violent offenders get treatment.
Reyes was America’s first-ever National Outstanding Young Lawyer for his Integrity, Ethics, Leadership and Legal Skill. He received the national Distinguished Eagle Scout Award, one of only a handful ever awarded in Utah, and has received numerous other local and national awards for his protection of children, family and Utah values.

The AG has aggressively protected San Juan and Utah interests by winning RS2477 cases and many other cases where the federal government attempted more control over Utah lands, liberties and lives.

Reyes criticized and challenged actions by Agent Dan Love and other federal agents’ heavy handed tactics including a federal raid of Southern Utah.

Reyes led wins in the United States Supreme Court and other federal courts on issues such as WOTUS (feds trying to control local waterways and lands), Clean Power Plan (control over private land) and fracking. He continues to lead Utah’s fights on endangered species, FLPMA and PILT reform.

Spending the summers of his youth in rural Hawaii, he understands the need for multiple uses for public lands. Former Utah Representative Mike Noel endorses Reyes because of the AG’s leadership on public lands, noting he is the only AG in America who has fought for this critical issue.  

Reyes, who is Utah co-chair for President Donald Trump, has worked closely with the Administration to provide more management and control to San Juan county and he is leading Utah’s defense in federal court of President Trump’s Bears Ears Executive Order. Reyes has defended Utah constitutional rights including religious liberties, life, free speech and state sovereignty. He’s championed Utah’s 2nd Amendment rights, earning an NRA A+ rating and NRA 2020 Endorsement.

He has transformed Utah from one of the worst states fighting human trafficking to the best. He’s prosecuted some of the most significant cases in America right here in Utah and has received global praise for risking his life undercover to save kids trapped in sex slavery with Operation Underground Railroad.

Reyes helped create the statewide SafeUT Smartphone App, which has saved countless children’s lives from suicide, depression, overdoses and prevented school shootings.

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